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Letters to the Editor

Solutions, Hope

The fact that Dr. Forsthuber and his team are actively pursuing a more effective treatment for multiple sclerosis is amazing. I began working with Dr. Forsthuber at the tender age of 18, and there is only one word to describe his lab environment to an unknowing college freshman: intense. It’s an incredible academic atmosphere... easily comparable to any top–notch lab in the nation. I can always thank Dr. Forsthuber for giving me that opportunity.

—Catherine Salfiti
Senior biology major

From the Heart

What a beautiful piece Joe Michael Feist has written! "From the Heart" brought me face to face again with an amazingly inspirational professor. I remember feeling the power of poetry in Dr. Barker’s presence, and Mr. Feist has given me a few moments more of her brilliance. Reading this article, hearing her voice, I was right back in that classroom with her. I believe Dr. Barker is right. Poetry cannot be extinguished in our fast–paced, technology–rich world. Poetry lives and breathes within us. And, yes! It can heal!

—Jo Ellen Fisk ’97

Wendy Barker opened up new worlds of poetry back when I was at UTSA (’83–’87). I still write today. Between my 9–to–5 job that pays the bills and the job I love, working with orphans around the globe, poetry almost seems like a luxury—and what a grand luxury it is.

—Douglas N. Riggle ’87
Columbus, Ohio

Tier One Momentum

I started school at UTSA in 2008. Since then I have seen tremendous positive growth. Campus groups are active both on campus and in the community. The general atmosphere is inviting and students are serious about their education. The faculty teaches in a way that is both challenging and exciting, promoting expansion of thought, steering away from an individualistic perspective. I have never been more excited to be a part of something so great. We are making history and have a community filled with supporters. We are on the path to Tier One status. We truly live by our core values: integrity, excellence, inclusiveness, respect, collaboration and innovation.

—Elisabeth Cuadros ’11
Graduate student in sociology

Considering how young the university still is in comparison to UT Austin, we’re doing pretty well.

—Nishant D. Gandhi
Freshman pre–biology major

When I went to UTSA for my graduate work, I was blown away by the level of education. Now, I look forward to building professional ties between my employer and the university and tapping into the talent and brainpower. To me, Tier One has nothing to do with the number of programs or students, but, rather, the quality of programs and contribution the university makes to the business community. By that definition we’re already there!

—Brad White ’09
San Antonio

Getting Global

The story "Getting Global" is great. But one could also focus on the students coming to UTSA. For example, the office of ESL Services has programs that bring students from Angola, Turkey and Saudi Arabia on full scholarships. We are working on a project that will bring over members of the Saudi Arabian royal air force, navy and army to study at UTSA. UTSA does a lot to help the world by bringing students to our campus. It would be great if more UTSA students and staff took the time to find out about the wonderful resource we have right here on campus.

—Jim Kelim
Director, ESL Services, UTSA

Down Home in the City

This article moved me to tears. It made me feel so proud to be an alum of UTSA. There are several institutions of higher learning in San Antonio, but I do not think they all share UTSA’s commitment to giving back to the local community. Like many big cities, San Antonio has many problems, and it is going to take all of us to help the city reach its full potential.

—Brandis Davis ’04
San Antonio

Just Reality, Not Reality TV

Thank you for the article about Scott Fulmer. I believe it was well written and eloquently conveyed the exciting and menial aspects of being a private investigator. My husband has enjoyed the many experiences of his work over the years. But what makes him so unique is that he is a remarkable husband, father and person. He has character and integrity. He would do well in any profession. It is a privilege to be his wife. Thank you again. Job well done.

—Valerie Fulmer
San Antonio

We Are Ready

I love the new look you guys are using for the magazine and the online presentation. Really fantastic art direction and production. I have seen a lot of university magazines and Sombrilla is by far the most attractive and thoughtfully produced.

—Doug CohenMiller
San Antonio

Your latest edition of Sombrilla looks fantastic—it’s easy to read, colorful and fun and so football!

—Marian Bownds
San Antonio

Marching Orders

It was a huge thrill to find a West Campus graduate highlighted in my alma mater’s alumni magazine. I used to teach at West Campus, and I was there during the flood and the subsequent decision to close it. I’m proud that a former student is part of this special time for UTSA. Congratulations, Alana!

—Herman Robinson ’02
San Antonio

As sad as it was to learn that my high school no longer exists, it’s nice to see an alum, the last drum major, marking a new era at UTSA, where I am also an alum. Nice job!

—Stephen Slish ’92
Nashville, Tenn.


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