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When Kimberly Fonzo, assistant professor of English, began talking about her love of medieval literature, we thought she would be interesting to feature in a story about some of the newest faculty at UTSA. But when she offhandedly added that she had been a theater actress, we knew we had gold on our hands. And then we met Hunter Vick, a junior English and history major, who just happened to have a medieval sword and chain mail. All we needed was our setting, and we found it in Our Lady of Atonement Catholic Church (thank you, Fr. Christopher G. Phillips!). We were set.

For the photoshoot, we hired stylist Cynthia Hancevic, who added some extensions to Dr. Fonzo's hair and just the right touch of makeup. After three hours of wearing 60-pound chain mail under hot photography lights—and not once breaking a sweat—Dr. Fonzo and staff photographer Patrick Ray Dunn gave us the perfect cover photo. Several of them, actually.

Take a look behind the scenes:

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