College of Education and Human Development

Grants, Awards and Recognition

Zenong Yin and Meizi He | Matthew Berland | Meizi He-Middlesex | Zenong Yin | William Cooke | Belinda Flores (ATE) and Rachel Ruiz (P-20) | Alice Yan | Lesli Friedman | Caroline Richards | Maria Arreguin-Anderson | Audrey Dentith | Belinda Flores and Betty Travis | Roxanne Henkin | Maria Kaylor | Audrey Mohan | Christine Moseley | Abraham DeLeon | David Thompson | Laura Rendon | Iliana York Alanis | Francis Hult | Hongmei Xu | Peter Sayers and Kimberly Cuero

Zenong Yin and Meizi He

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture -”Dietitians Today and Tomorrow/Dietistas Hoy y Mañana” $290,000

Matthew Berland

National Science Foundation (NSF)- ”Collaborative Project: Programming Standing Up”, $282,733.

Meizi He-Middlesex

London Health Unit, Ontario, Canada -”Childhood Obesity Research”, $50,000.

Zenong Yin

Sub-agreement with UTHSCSA, continuation funding ”STOPP T2D 10-11” , $15,589.

William Cooke

Department of Defense US Army Medical Research continuation funding “Autonomic Rhythms During Simulated Hemorrhage and Real- World Trauma”, $21,905.

Belinda Flores (ATE) and Rachel Ruiz (P-20)

DOE 2010 Fund for the Improvement of Post-secondary Education (FIPSE)Comprehensive Program, “Innovative Communities of Learning Advancing Student Success (iCLASS): An Early College Approach for Increasing Latino Participation in Mathematics and Science”, $749,972.

Alice Yan

- Contract with City of San Antonio, ARRA funding “Communities Putting Prevention to Work”, $49,000.

Lesli Friedman

City of San Antonio, “Evaluation Services for the Population Based Services/ Community Based Obesity Prevention Program: Por Vida!,” $25,000.

Caroline Richards

A research assistant professor at the department of Health & Kinesiology, and William Cooke, a professor at the department of Health & Kinesiology, for their newly awarded research grant, $344,178, from Department of Defense. Dr. Richards is the PI and Dr. Cooke is the Co-PI on this project entitled “Cerebral Blood Flow Regulation during Simulated Hemorrhage.”

Maria Arreguín-Anderson

COEHD Academy for Teacher Excellence Award. “Exploring cell phone technologies as tools for scientific inquiry and linguistic/cognitive engagement with bilingual prospective teachers” $5,000.

Audrey Dentith

THECB CCRI, “UTSA Interdisciplinary Studies in Teacher Education Curriculum Revision,” $10,000.

Belinda Flores and Betty Travis

TRC, “Regional Math Collaborative,” $85,000.

Roxanne Henkin

National Writing Project, “San Antonio Writing Project 2010 - 2011 Continuance,” $46,000.

Maria Kaylor

NSF, “Universal Design and Technology for Students with Disabilities in STEM Fields,” $200,000.

Audrey Mohan

Fulbright-Hayes, “Sustainable Ecosystems, Enduring Cultures in Ecuador,” $84, 268.

Christine Moseley

TRC, “Mid Career Recruitment for Math and Science,” $200,000. UT Regional Collaborations, “Texas Learning Academy Induction Learning Community for Math and Sciences” (TAILC-MS) amendment, $15,216.

Misty Sailors

USAID, “Malawi Reads,” $13,000,000.

Abraham DeLeon

Assistant professor in the department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, has been appointed as Associate Editor of Critical Education. His critiques are grounded in radical social theories and have been influenced by cultural studies, anarchism, critical discourse studies, spatial theory, critical pedagogy, and postcolonial studies.

David Thompson

Professor and Department Chair of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies was featured in The Legal Digest Blog for his article, “New Educators’ Code of Ethics Rules You Need to Know”

Laura Rendon

Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, received the 2010 Mildred Garcia Award for Exemplary Scholarship sponsored by the Council on Ethic Participation with the Association for the Study of Higher Education. Rendon joined the COEHD faculty in 2010 as a professor in the higher education program, and is currently focused on the access, retention and graduation o low-income, firstgeneration college students and the transformation of teaching and learning to emphasize a collective social justice.

Iliana York Alanis

The National Latino Children’s Institute (NCLI), whose mission is to focus the nation’s attention on the contributions and challenges of young Latinos, recently elected Alanis to serve on the Board of Directors.

Francis Hult

Francis Hult has been appointed co-editor for the Educational Linguistics book series published by Springer. Educational Linguistics is dedicated to innovative studies of language use and language learning in educational settings worldwide. It provides a forum for work that crosses traditional boundaries between theory and practice, between micro and macro, and between native, second and foreign language education.

Hongmei Xu

Language Learning Dissertation Grant, “English in China’s Language Policies for Higher Education.” $2,000.

Peter Sayers and Kimberly Cuero

Department of Education- Fulbright-Hays Group Study Abroad Program, “Educational, linguistic, and cultural engagements: Puebla, Mexico 2011.” $80,430.


Maria Kaylor

Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

Carmen Fies

Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

Jeremy Sullivan

Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

Nancy Martin

Associate Professor to Full Professor

Lucila Ek

Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

Kimberly Cuero

Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

Iliana Alanis

Assistant Professor to Associate Professor