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Hands on the Prize

Students learn best through hands-on experiences, one of the most successful ways to prepare for future occupations. That’s why, together with our partners, UTSA has created hundreds of opportunities for students in classroom to career learning— hands-on learning outside the classroom through research, discovery, study abroad, internships, community engagement, and other creative and professional experiences. For students who desire to be community and business leaders, San Antonio serves as an expanded campus, providing learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom and opening doors for those who are diligent, focused and ready to grow.

The Goal: By 2028, UTSA will provide experiential learning opportunities to 75% of its students prior to graduation.

Experiential Learning Works

Applied learning experiences provide students with the opportunity to develop marketable skills that complement their classroom knowledge. These hands-on learning opportunities – in government, in industry and in community organizations – position students for career success by teaching them leadership, teamwork and communications. Through applied learning, students develop a deeper understanding of how to work with people who have different skills, ideas and backgrounds. They also have the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to practical challenges that improve society while deepening their own learning and broadening the development of their professional skills.

Roadrunner Impact Stories

Many UTSA students have experienced the value of classroom to career learning. They have developed marketable skills which enhance their self-efficacy and improve career success. We are pleased to share samples of their work.

Carmen Campalans Story

Carmen Campalans


San Antonio Refugee Health Clinic
“My work at the refugee clinic has reinforced how health extends beyond a prescription and the physical treatment of ailments and has brought me closer to my goal of becoming a physician assistant.”

Jay’Len Boone

Global Affairs and Sociology

Global Citizen
“This project with Global Citizen, has helped me retain skills that are valuable in any field. It has also provided me with a network of amazing global citizens and global advocates, thus, preparing me for a career in global affairs.”

Jay’Len Boone Story
Montana Meeker Story

Montana Meeker


City of San Antonio Solid Waste Management Department
“The project gave me a more holistic understanding of the systems at work in my city and taught me practical skills in the workplace. My experiences were a chance to use my passion for innovation and creative problem-solving to give back to my community.”

Join us as a Partner

San Antonio is a living laboratory for learning, discovery and engagement, and it provides opportunities for tomorrow’s developing leaders.

By becoming a UTSA partner for experiential learning, you will have work done at your business by some of the best and the brightest minds in the area. As a partner, you will be equipped with a front door to this program in order to discuss new opportunities or to troubleshoot issues.

As our partners are the first ones to work with the interns, they possess the initial opportunity to hire them as graduates for their workforce.

We welcome more partners in our quest to serve San Antonio and strengthen the education experience for our students.

Join us as a Partner