Emergency Situation Guidelines

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Question #1   

The acronym SART refers to:

1. The UTSA mascot
2. The Student Affairs Response Team
3. San Antonio Rapid Transit system
4. None of the Above

Question #2   

The following offices are members of SART:

1. The UTSA Police
2. Campus Housing
3. Registrars Office
4. All of the Above

Question #3   

If you should encounter the body of a student, you should:

1. Call UTSA Police at 911
2. Call the morgue
3. Do not touch or move the body
4. Both 1and 3

Question #4   

If you have an emergency situation of a Mental Health nature, and the individual is cooperative, you should?

1. Talk them through their issue
2. Escort them to Counseling Services
3. Get them something to eat
4. None of the above

Question #5   

What should you do if you encounter an injured student?

1. Provide assistance, if possible, up to the extent of your training or knowledge
2. Call the University police at 911
3. Move the victim to a sitting position
4. Both 1 and 2

Question #6   

If you are the first to receive notice of a missing student, you should do what?

1. Call their parents
2. Call their roommate
3. Contact UTSA Police and the AVP of Student Services
4. All of the Above

Question #7   

If a catastrophic event were to occur, and you were the first person to encounter the situation, what should you do?

1. Call the President of the University
2. Contact UTSA Police at 911
3. Call the Media
4. None of the above