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May 2011, Issue 10

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Downtown Spirit Award

Michelle Montanio is the Assistant Director of Student Activities for the Downtown Campus and a proud UTSA Alumnus. She has been employed at UTSA for 17 years. When the Downtown Campus initially opened in the summer of 1997, Ms. Montanio began splitting her time between the Main Campus and the Downtown Campus to provide support services for Student Affairs. In 1999 she was promoted to the Assistant Director of Student Activities and moved to the Downtown Campus on a full-time basis. Her duties include overseeing the daily operations of the Student Activities Offices, the Student Activities Center and the Information Desk, which are all located on the first floor of the Durango Building. Michelle strives to provide involvement opportunities for all Downtown Campus students so they feel a sense of belonging and connection to the university. She loves what she does and feels blessed to be able to work with some of the best students, faculty, and staff in the States of Texas! Congratulations, Michelle!!!

To: (First Picture L to R) Velma Tullos, Sonia Saenz, Ray Gonzales (Facilities Housekeeping and Special Events)
(Second picture L to R) David Puente, Joe Alderete (Facilities Housekeeping and Special Events), Juan Castillo - Facilities Business Operations

Thanks to UTSA facilities staff who work hard to support UTSA commencements!

To: Michelle Montanio - Assistant Director of Student Activities
Fr: Irene Mireles- Events Manager,Small Business Development Center Region Office

Thank you Michelle & La Despededia Committee Members for the wonderful job you did this weekend.  You all worked so hard & did a beautiful job at keeping everything going & making sure everything continued and stayed on time.
Again, thank you and the committee members for such a great job & I look forward to volunteering for next year’s graduation.

To: Michelle Montanio - Assistant Director of Student Activities
Fr: Porfirio Esparza Jr. (student)


Just wanted to let you know, THANK YOU and THANK YOU TO LA DESPEDIDA ORGANIZATION for doing something like this for graduating students. My parents and family will be in attendance this Saturday and I am really excited about this ceremony. If I can help in anything just let me know.

Again Thank you all SO MUCH for your time and effort in putting this ceremony together for us.

Porfirio Esparza Jr.

Thank You Rowdy presently visiting with Nancy Hughes and Elizabeth Delagarza

To:   Nancy Hughes - Student Development Specialist I, Admissions;
Elizabeth Delagarza - Student Development Specialist I, Admissions
From:  Marvin Lopez - Administrative Associate I, Admissions

Nancy and Elizabeth,

Today I would like to pass along you this rowdy to Elizabeth and Nancy” the dynamic duo”. You two are the frontline of the office People don’t how much you are required to do and how much you go out of your way to give 110%. As a person who has worked up front I know that you have to work with the whole admissions dept to answer and help the future students of UTSA. I also know how sometimes it is hard to be up front with some tough parents and students but you two still do it with smile from day to day. Even though it has been passed along the office twice already I really believe you two deserve it so I couldn't’t pass up the chance to give it to you two. So thank you once again I don’t think the admission office would be able function as smoothly as it does without you two.


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