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May 2012, Issue 11

Business Tips

Paying Non-US Individuals for Services

This is a reminder that all payments to non-US individuals (non-US residents) for services should be paid on a Services (or Speaker/Participant) Agreement, not a purchase order. This is true regardless of whether the services are performed at UTSA, somewhere else in the US, or abroad. The reason for this process is that there are offices that may need to review these transactions that are not on the routing for POs. International Programs may need to verify the provider’s visa status. Payroll also needs to determine whether there are any tax withholding requirements or other tax implications with the payment.

If you are paying a non-US individual, you should fill out the Form C ( and contact the Office of International Programs (OIP) prior to routing the agreement.



Effective May 18, 2012, Departments can begin the submission process to establish new contracts or extend current equipment maintenance, software licenses/maintenance and other service contracts for FY 2012-2013. Multi-year contracts must be renewed annually. If departments have current multi-year service contracts, a new PB4 request must be created in sufficient time for the contract to be renewed and become effective September 1, 2012. Please submit these requests as early as possible to ensure sufficient time is reserved for any procurement or contracting processes that may be required.

For important year-end dates, deadlines, and other information go to and look under the “Announcements” section. If you have questions or need assistance with submission of your year-end orders, please contact your Purchasing Buyer or the Purchasing Office at 458-4060.

Bob Miller
Bob Miller
Associate Director of Student Affairs Budget
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs