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October 2012, Issue 18

Message from the Interim Vice President

Sam Gonzales

I am sure it’s been a busy semester for everyone. And if you are waiting for a moment to catch your breath, I don’t think it will be anytime soon. I haven’t had a lot of time to step back and reflect, but in the moments I stole away I did come to the realization that Student Affairs has confirmed what people have been saying: We indeed have a strong organization with outstanding staff!

We have had great success with football. We are getting ready for BestFest, planning for Homecoming and graduation and departments are doing their work, and meeting their strategic objectives. Further, we haven’t missed a beat! Now, if we can beat Rice and go 6-0… Go Runners!

Here are some updates I want to share with you:

Student Government Initiatives
• Blackboard and Air Rowdy- IT moving Blackboard to Blackboard as host rather than UTSA increasing capacity- IT doing study at the Library on speed of Air Rowdy;
• Farmers Market- determine all regulations pertaining to selling food on campus;
• Transportation Fee-Xavier Johnson, SGA president, will be seeking to meet with VIA on shuttle assistance

Status of Review of Student Affairs
• Reviewing names submitted by AVP’s, Wanda Mercer, UT System, and Gage Paine for potential chair
• Reviewing all annual reports, assessments, and strategic plan
• Submitting data on number of employees by level (A&P, Classified, Students)
• Submitting financial data for past year and projections for future years on all fee accounts

Status of VPSA Search
• Consultant indicates we have a good pool
• Consultant will narrow down pool to top 20 applicants
• Committee will narrow down to three and begin work after 11/15/12

Thanks for all you do to make the division successful. Keep up the good work!