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December 2012, Issue 20

True Colors

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As an Enrollment Services Officer in Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services since 2011, I guide students through their collegiate journey pertaining to issues regarding Financial Aid, Admissions, Registration and Fiscal Services. I am honored to be on the True Colors Team where I can help create an environment for individuals to embrace their unique spectrum of characteristics and skills. My True Colors training experience allowed me to not only tune into my own identity, but aided me in realizing that serving is my life’s work.

Elisa Perkins


Ever noticed how some folks "Show their True Colors" during the holidays? Whether it's pushing their way to the front of shopping lines, getting mad if you don't follow a certain tradition, or piling on the guilt if you don't do things their way... this "holly jolly" time of year can get a bit stressful.

Each of us has our own particular way of celebrating the season. What one may see as "Grinch" behavior, may be another's idea of entertainment or fun. So how do you keep the "Happy" in your Holidays and let others do the same?


Use the insights of Color Styles in the F*R*E*E* e-report to unwrap those personality packages and find the gifts inside.

Happy Holidays!

Mary Miscisin (a.k.a. Positively Mary)

Mary Miscisin is the author of SHOWING OUR TRUE COLORS, A Fun, Easy Guide for Understanding and Appreciating Yourself and Others.

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True Colors Training Schedule for STAFF (SD 410) ---- SPRING 2013
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True Colors Training Schedule for Student Affairs STUDENT employees (SD 417) -- SPRING 2013
Training Schedule for SPRING 2013 ----- see attached schedule

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