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August 2013, Issue 8

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Jessica Avalos-Alvarez

To: Jessica Avalos-Alvarez
  Orientation and Family Programs
From:    Karen Ivy
  University Career Center

I am very excited to pass “Thank You Rowdy” along to someone who genuinely cares for UTSA students and our mission to prepare, equip, and support them. You uniquely carry this out in using your talents to care for all of the UTSA parents and family members. I have so appreciated how you have organized everything for parent orientations, and each and every time I see you there (though you are probably exhausted), you seem to exude so much positivity and support each time. I also appreciate your willingness to sit down and brainstorm how we can collaborate more. I know there are many more ideas yet to come, but your openness and enthusiasm has been such a great foundation to get started. It’s been wonderful to work with you this past year, and I look forward to continuing on. Recognizing your contributions is easy, and given your efforts and attitude, so very well-deserved.

Thanks again!

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