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January 14, 2010

To:  Don Swinson & Dave Spangler, Office of the Registrar
From:  Jamie Satterwhite and Michael Wallen, Office of Admissions

Don & Dave,

Today we pass along the Thank You Rowdy to you for the fun and camaraderie that you bring to Student Affairs.  The yearly Hot Dog Bash is always a huge success and has come to feel like a yearly reunion.  We appreciate all of the hard work that goes into keeping everyone connected.

Thank you!

Jamie Satterwhite & Mike Wallen

L to R: Jamie, Don, Dave, Mike

January 28, 2010

To:  John Garza, University Center
From:  Don Swinson & Dave Spangler, Office of the Registrar


A "Big Thank You" to you for all that you do in managing Resource 25 Scheduling Application and the Webviewer for UTSA.

Numerous times you have saved the R25 Scheduling System from failing. We are passing along "Thank You Rowdy" to you to show our appreciation for you always being there to get the job done. Your hard work and diligence is invaluable and it is really great to have you as member of the Student Affairs Team.

Thanks Again, John, from Don Swinson and Dave Spangler.

Dave and Don present Rowdy to John.
-Fuzzy photo to be replaced.-

February 11, 2010

To:  Angela Hicks, University Center
From:  John Garza, University Center

Today I pass Thank You Rowdy along to you for all your hard work at the University Center. You always ensure the student working at the Information Center are well trained and knowledgeable in everything from testing supplies and faxes to ticketmaster and homecoming t-shirts. Your commitment to the student development committee has helped every student worker learn to become a better part of the UC team and has helped our full time staff become better supervisors and leaders to our student staff. The UC would not be able to be successful without you, thanks again!

-John David

John, Rowdy, and Angela

February 25, 2010

To:  Charlin Jones, Assistant Director of Special Events
From:  Angela Hicks, Retail Manager, UC


Today I pass Thank You Rowdy to you! Without you I wouldn't even be in Student Affairs. It was through your mentorship, dedication, and belief in me as a student that lead me to Student Affairs. UTSA is a better place because of you! I am very privileged to have once walked in your shadow. Thank you for showing me that living with integrity and honor is the best way to lead your life.

With Love and Appreciation,

Angela and Charlin with Rowdy

March 11, 2010

To:  Ann Margaret Trujillo, Office of Inclusion & Community Engagement Center
From:  Charlin Jones, Office of Special Events Center

Ann Margaret,

Today I pass along Thank You Rowdy to you! You have always been there for me at many programs and events that I am responsible for over the years and have always been willing to lend a hand by checking in guests, helping to decorate, or even staying after to help clean up; all the while you were always my guest at these events! You are one of my mentors, dear friends and I appreciate the guidance and advice you have given whenever I need it. Thank you for always being there for me! You help make UTSA an inclusive, welcoming community and I am grateful to have you as a friend and colleague!

Charlin Jones

Ann Margaret receives Rowdy from Charlin Jones.

March 25, 2010

To:  Gary Handy, Office of Student Activities
From:  Ann Margaret, Office of Inclusion and Community Engagement Center


Today I pass Thank You Rowdy on to you. We have worked over the past few months as Co-Chairs on an area project and you have made it a very pleasant experience. You have been attentive to the responsibilities and tasks, even in a time when you had many other things happening with Greek Life. You have also been supportive of other events that are sponsored by the ICE Center. In addition, you are working with students on a newly established organization, the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Starting something new can be difficult, but, I have heard the students saying some good things about you and your work with the Council. Thank you for everything you do to make UTSA great!

Ann Margaret

Ann Margaret and Gary with Rowdy

April 8, 2010

To:  Misty Kelley, Office of Student Activities
From:  Gary Handy, Office of Student Activities

Misty Kelley,

Today I pass Thank You Rowdy on to you. It is because of your hard work and dedication our student organizations continue to operate successfully. Through all of the meetings and projects you still manage a smile and hello every morning as I come through the office. You have always found ways to lend support to all initiatives that Student Affairs provides. Thank you for all that you do for myself, the other staff members in the Office of Student Activities and most especially the students at this university.

Gary Handy

Misty receives Rowdy from the Greek Life

Gary passes Rowdy to Misty.

April 22, 2010

To:  Tony Daniels, Associate Director, Campus Recreation
From:  Misty R. Kelley, Associate Director, Student Activities


Today I pass Thank You Rowdy on to you for two reasons. One, you have always been supportive of the programs that Student Activities and student organizations want to do within the Campus Recreation facilities. You have a mind set of “let’s make it happen”. That level of commitment and spirit make me glad that you are a colleague and a friend. The other reason is your love of students. You are always pondering ways to further develop the students of this University – be it through True Colors, leadership training or any other cool idea.

Thank you,
Misty R. Kelley

Misty Kelley awards Thank You Rowdy to Tony Daniels.

May 6, 2010

To:  Lara Goldman, Office of Intercollegiate Athletics
From:  Tony Daniels, Office of Campus Recreation Center

I would like to nominate Lara Goldman from UTSA Football.   I have been working with Lara for the last year regarding UTSA Football reservation and recruit visits scheduled here in the Rec Center. During that time she has been “awesome” to work with.  One of the few people who have ask what she and the football staff could do to help with logistics and actually showed up early and stayed late to ensure that everything was in working order after the events.  More specifically, she is a person who is advocating on behalf of students and potential student athletes.  She has a unique opportunity to support and serve students that aspire to play football for UTSA.  The reality is that many of the students that she works with will be walk-on’s.   Having worked in the Athletic Departments at The University of Denver and The University of Kansas often walk-on’s do not receive the same attention as scholarship athletes.  In our case Lara has demonstrated the same excellent student service commitment to all students regardless of scholarship or student employment status.  At those two institutions they have at least four staff person’s hired to do what Lara is doing individually.
Lara has already been in communications with me regarding the upcoming recruiting season.  Because she and our football program have to wait until the NCAA provides them with the approved recruitment time period she has at least provided me with a time frame of when she thinks they will need access to Rec Center facilities.  
My support for Lara is directly related to my experience working with her here at Campus Rec.  But, I also know that she coordinates all needs for other campus facilities that include the Convo, UC, Dining Facilities, and downtown hotel and restaurants.  She has a can do attitude and always has a smile on her face; which is evident even when she answers the telephone.
I’m not sure if the rest of the campus is aware of her numerous task associated with her position.  As we anticipate the start of our new football program I am happy to know that a true professional who is dedicated to student development is serving in her post.  I feel very comfortable knowing that all students regardless of their status will be served and treated fairly when working with Lara Goldman.

Thank you,
Tony Daniels

Tony Daniels passes on Rowdy to Lara Goldman

May 20, 2010

To:  Deby Bailey, Office of Intercollegiate Athletics
From:  Lara Goldmann, Office of Intercollegiate Athletics

Deby Bailey,

Deby has worked in our business office for about 9 months. She does an amazing job juggling the widely varied needs of 15 different sports.  While most people in Athletics hear the roar of the crowd to let us know we are doing a good job, Deby works behind the scenes.  She has made a real difference to our coaches and vendors.  She has helped streamline processes, and takes time to answer questions or find the person who can.
Thank you Deby for all you do.  

Lara Goldmann

Lara passes Rowdy to Deby Bailey

To: Lisa Jurgajtis, Campus Recreation Center
From: Deby Bailey, Office of Intercollegiate Athletics

Lisa Jurgajtis… aka Lisa J…aka LJ has perhaps the most Rowdy spirit of anyone that I know! Having previously held the Business Manager position in Athletics, she was more than willing to assist me when I took over that position in Sept 2009. Although I had been with UTSA for years, I was a “newbie” to the processes within the Athletic Dept….and  my staff, with the exception of one, were also new to the Athletic Dept. We all had a lot to learn, and quite a bit of unfinished business facing us; enter Lisa J to help, even giving up a Sunday to come in and teach us what we needed to know to hit the ground running. Without her valuable help, we might still be struggling!! Lisa J continues to promote he UTSA athletic program by attending games, cheering on the Runners and even today, makes it a point to know our student athletes on a first name basis!
Thank you Lisa J for all your valuable help and support of our Athletic Dept!

Deby Bailey

Lisa receives Rowdy from Deby

To:  Laura Munroe, Campus Recreation Center
From:  Lisa Jurgajtis, Campus Recreation Center


And now Thank you Rowdy moves over to Laura Munroe, who is my supervisor AND a remarkable leader of the Student Affairs Department - Campus Rec.  I give Laura this Thank you Rowdy because she has so much dedication for the Student Affairs area and she has a great outlook for this department’s future.  She gives everyone a chance to be creative in his or her respective area in our department.  She also advocates that we instill the Four C’s vision, as she let me collaborate with the Athletics Department at the 2010 Women’s Final Four.  Laura, for all of the above and for the future moments of working with you, I thank you for being an inspiring leader.  

Thank you,
Lisa Jurgajtis

Lisa surprised Laura with Rowdy

Passing on Rowdy to Laura

To:  Shirley Pipes, Office of Student Services
From:  Laura Munroe, Office of Campus Recreation Center

Today, I pass on the Thank You Rowdy to you for all that you do for Campus Recreation and Student Services.  
Thank you especially for always going above and beyond to assist me every time I am confused about a policy or procedure.  After a slight chuckle, you always have the answer or know who will be able to help me and I appreciate it.  
Thanks for always having a positive attitude, you are joy to work with and are appreciated.
Thank you,

Laura surprises Shirley with Rowdy

Shirley receives Rowdy from Laura

To:  Dr. Beth Wichman, Office of Student Health Services
From:  Shirley Pipes, Office of Student Services

Dr. Beth Wichman,

It is with great pleasure that I pass “Thank You, Rowdy” on to you. You work quietly behind the scenes, always ready and willing to serve our students on a daily basis. You are a very caring and compassionate person and I don’t think we tell you often enough how much you are appreciated and how much the work you do means to all of us. You are a very vital part of the UTSA community.

Thank you for all you do,


Shirley surprises Dr. BethWichman

Rowdy passed on to Dr. Wichman

To:  Elizabeth Stanczak, Office of Student Health Services
From:  Beth Wichman, Office of Student Health Services

Dr. Stanczak:--

It is an honor to pass on to you Rowdy in recognition and appreciation for all you have done in this last six months of transition since the retirement of our former director, Pat Berlet. You have worked tirelessly to enhance services for students, improve staff communications, and empower individuals to develop personal capabilities which ultimately work together to promote our department to a higher level of service within the UTSA community.

You have improved our division by streamlining the day-to-day operations of our medical Clinic, by being a respected advisor on multiple university committees, by implementing Emergency Vaccination Clinics for the staff and students (H1N1 swine flu mass immunization Clinics), and by making yourself accessible and approachable to both staff and students.

Thank you, again, for everything you do!

Beth Wichman, M.D.

Rowdy gets passed on to executive director, Elizabeth Stanczak

Dr. Stanczak receives Rowdy

To:  Kim Ellicks-Center, Office of Housing and Residence Life
From:  Dr. Elizabeth M. Stanczak, Office of Student Services


It is a sincere privilege to be in the position of providing you this honor, to pass you the “Thank You Rowdy” in recognition of your many good deeds, hard work, and general helpful nature towards the greater UTSA campus community. I have watched you over the years here; always working hard to help students, staff, and faculty in whatever manner you can. You have been quick to come to the aid of students in need, to follow the requests of your peers and supervisors, and put things aside as you pitch in when collective efforts are required for success. I have always appreciated your thoughtful nature and quite accomplishments. I have been proud to watch you obtain your Master’s Degree and know that you will someday obtain your Ph.D. I watch as you handle crises in many forms at a facility that is in constant flux. You do so with grace and all the while continue to work on “other duties as assigned”. I am very proud of your successes and hope to continue to with you on projects like the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination law, outreach education, etc… I wish you the best, most sincerely.

Thank you,
Dr. Elizabeth M. Stanczak

Kim Ellicks-Center is surprised by Dr. Stanczak

Housing and Residence Life staff celebrate with
Thank You Rowdy.

To:  Danielle Garcia, University Center
From:  Kim Ellicks-Center, Housing and Residence Life

Dear Danielle,

I am presenting “Thank You Rowdy” to you for all your hard work and collaboration with the Office of Housing and Residence Life for assisting us with the policies and procedures for approving the appropriate summer conference groups. It is through your assistance we have been able to sponsor various groups who were successful in their endeavors. I look forward to our continued partnership.

Kim Ellicks Center

Kim passes Rowdy to a shocked Danielle

Danielle receives Thank You Rowdy

To:  Jared Jones, University Center
From:  Danielle Garcia, University Center


I am delighted to pass Thank You Rowdy over to you. ☺ Your hard work and dedication to UTSA is apparent in all your actions. Specifically, the UC has been able to build better relationships and connect with our internal and external clients through your clear communication and collaboration via:

• Delivering helpful and useful information at our staff meetings.
• Serving as the chairperson for various committees.
• Partnering with EMCS for the Events Showcase and CVB Tour.
• Creating Sales Kits and new signage for the UC.
• Leading UC Days and Fall into the UC.
• Working closely with UC service providers and businesses.

In addition, you are always willing to help (even when outside of your realm) and bring creativity to everything you touch. On behalf of the UC, thanks for your commitment, always bringing a smile to our face and creating a pleasant working environment with your hilarious anecdotes. We would be lost without you.

After all, “it can only be Jared!”


Jared gets a surprise visit

Danielle passes on Thank You Rowdy

To:  Judy Cadena, Office of Associate Dean of Students
From:  Jared Jones, University Center

Today, I pass along “Thank You Rowdy” to you. You support UTSA Student Life with a great attitude and work ethic. You always find time to answer my questions, complete that extra design task or provide me with insightful comments on what technology or social media tool would be right for my program goals.

You have worked on at least 3 different web sites with me, and each one has been creative, engaging and on target. Thank you for always giving your best.

Warm Regards,

Jared Jones

Judy surprised by Thank You Rowdy

Jared present Judy with Rowdy

To:  Ruth Ann Coates, Office of the Associate Dean of Students
 Judy Moreno, Office of the Registrar


Today I pass along Thank You Rowdy to you. I’m happy to say that you have been an absolutely wonderful person to work with. I can trust that whenever I have a question about conferences, equipment, or pretty much anything else that you will always take the time no matter how busy you are to help me out until my question or issue is resolved. You always have a smile on your face and a positive infectious attitude. I’ve realized that I have it great here at UTSA and one of those reasons is you. Over the past 2 years you’ve made everything as smooth and worry free as possible for me. And I would just like to say thank you and let you know that I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me.


Judy surprises Ruth with Rowdy

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Ruth Coates

To:  Beth Scholl, Office of Student Life
From:  Ruth Coates, Office of the Associate Dean of Students

It is my pleasure to pass Thank You Rowdy to you in appreciation of everything you do. Your knowledge, work ethic and positive attitude are just a few of your outstanding qualities. You have been my go to person since my first day and I appreciate all of your expertise and advice. Regardless of your busy schedule you always make time and offer your assistance. When I talk to you on a daily basis, I can actually see you smile over the phone and it makes it a pleasure working with you. Your commitment and dedication make me proud to be part of your team.

Thank you,

Ruth thanks Beth by passing Rowdy

Beth Scholl receives Thank You Rowdy

To:  Earlene Gonzales, Child Development Center
From:  Beth Scholl, Office of Student Life


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work in keeping the Child Development Center running smoothly. You have made the transition between directors seamless which has assured all the parents that their children are in good hands.

Although you have only been here a short time, you literally hit the ground running as you readily became acclimated to the UTSA community, continued preparations for the NAEYC re-accreditation process, and managed to juggle staff in order to maintain child/teacher ratios through sickness and in health!

You have been very easy to work with and I truly appreciate your efforts in keeping things moving forward as I am particularly fond of the Center since it was there for me when my daughter was a baby. I believe in the purpose of this Center and can verify that students with children breathe a sigh of relief as they enter the building to drop off their children because they can go onto class worry free, and able to concentrate on their studies.

The University and Student Affairs are truly fortunate to have you on the team.

Thank you,
Beth Scholl

Beth surprises Earlene with Rowdy

Rowdy is off to the Child Development Center

To:  Norma Castillo, Administrative Associate II, Child Development Center
From:  Earlene Gonzales, Director, Child Development Center

I want to send “Thank You Rowdy” to you in appreciation for all the times in the past months that you have gone above and beyond what I could have imagined to help me adjust to my new job here at UTSA Child Development Center. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed! With a sweet spirit and an awesome sense of humor, you make coming to work fun for all of us. I have also noticed how many others you help every day – and always with kindness and a professional attitude. For example, you not only provide assistance to the student parents who have children enrolled in the center, but also to other students looking for child care off campus when our center has no space for their children. This extra help for the students is a service they will always remember about their experience at UTSA. We appreciate you!

Thank you,

Norma is surprised with Thank You Rowdy

Earlene thanks Norma and passes Rowdy

Thank You Rowdy visits the CDC

To:  Erika Cox- Assistant Director, Enrollment Services Center
From:  Norma Castillo- Administrative Associate II, Child Development Center


Today I pass “Thank You Rowdy” along to you for all your hard work and dedication at Student Financial Aid.  You have gone above and beyond to help our parent-students who have children enrolled at the Child Development Center.  It is a great feeling, knowing our parent-students can depend on your compassion to help others.  By passing “Rowdy” to you is a way of letting you know that your support makes a difference in people’s lives.   Thank you for everything you do!

Thank you,

Norma passes on Rowdy to Erika

Rowdy is ready to work