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Gateway Program

What is the Gateway Program?

Transitioning to any university can be challenging for many new freshmen. Within only months of graduating from their high schools, freshmen must quickly adapt to the demands of college Life. There are various support services offered, such as the Gateway Program, to help with this adjustment. This retention program is designed to assist new, provisionally admitted freshmen succeed during their initial year at UTSA.



What is Provisional Admission?

Students who do not meet the minimum UTSA admission criteria are holistically reviewed by a committee to determine if the student can be successful at UTSA as a Gateway participant. If the student is deemed eligible, then he/she is admitted on a conditional or provisional basis and must successfully complete the academic requirements in order to continue at the university. More information on the requirements for freshman admission can be found here.



What are the Academic Requirements?

All students who are provisionally admitted (PV) must earn a 2.0 institutional grade point average upon completing 24 college level credits at UTSA.آIn order to ensure that participants are prepared for academic success, they agree to participate in the following components of the Gateway Program.

  • Enrollment in a section of Academic Inquiry & Scholarship course (AIS 1203) course that is linked with either a section of the Freshman Composition I (WRC 1013) course or a section of the Freshman Composition II (WRC 1023) course.
  • Registration in at least two core curriculum courses as required by the student’s indicated degree plan.
  • Registration for one or two developmental courses for the fall semester if required by the results of the TSI Assessment
  • Participation in the University Peer Mentorship (UPM) program during the fall or spring term.
  • Gateway participants will enroll as an undeclared (UND) student. (After successfully clearing their PV status, students may then declare a major.)

With the exception of the developmental class, each course meets a UTSA degree requirement.

What if I don't earn a 2.0 UTSA GPA at the point of completing 24 college level credits?

PV students placed on academic dismissal must attend another college or university and complete at least 12 college credit hours of course work, with at least a 2.25 grade point average, before reinstatement to UTSA can be considered.




What are the additional costs of the Gateway Program?

There are no additional fees for participating in the Gateway Program. For information on financial assistance, students can read information on the University Financial Aid webpage at




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Sabina Kapoor
Director, Student Placement