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Multidisciplinary Studies Focus Areas

Below is a list of all the possible areas of interest that students can pursue as they consider a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies. All candidates for this degree must complete three areas of focus, at least one of which must be an area based in either the College of Liberal and Fine Arts or the College of Sciences, no more than one of which may be from the College of Business. The courses used to satisfy each focus area must be completed with at least a 2.00 grade point average.

  1. Focus Area One: 18 semester credit hours (at least 12 hours at the upper-division level)
  2. Focus Area Two: 15 semester credit hours (at least 9 hours at the upper-division level)
  3. Focus Area Three: 15 semester credit hours (at least 9 hours at the upper-division level)

**Certain focus areas require MDST students to choose their classes from a list of preapproved courses, while others have no restrictions. Focus areas that have restrictions include: Art History and Criticism, Business, Communication, and Music.

List of Possible Focus Areas

AAS African American Studies
AHC Art History and Criticism
AMS American Studies
ANT Anthropology
ASC Aerospace Studies
AST Astronomy
BIO Biology
BBL/MAS Bicultural Studies/Mexican American Studies
BUS Business
CHE Chemistry
CLA/HUM/CSH Classics/Humanities/Comparative Studies in the Humanities
COM Communication
CRJ Criminal Justice
CS Computer Science
ENG English
ES Environmental Science
FL Foreign Languages
FRN French
GEO Geology
GER German
GLA Global Affairs
GRG Geography
HIS History
HTH Health
IDS Interdisciplinary Studies
KIN Kinesiology
LGS Legal Studies
MAT Mathematics
MSC Military Science
MUS Music
NPO Non-Profit Management
PAD Public Administration
PHI Philosophy
PHY Physics
POL Political Science
PSY Psychology
REL Religious Studies
RUS Russian
SOC Sociology
SPN Spanish
STA Statistics
WS Women’s Studies