Saturday, October 25, 2014

Terry Scholars: 2008-2009

Anh "Nick" Pham
Anh "Nick" Pham graduated from La Porte High School and is a mechanical engineering major at UTSA.

Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera is a graduate of Warren High School in San Antonio, TX. He is majoring in mechanical engineering at UTSA.

Susan Ashley Simpson
Susan Ashley Simpson graduated third in her class from the Fine Arts Magnet Academy at Thomas Jefferson High School. Given her passion for the fine arts, she became involved in choir, band, dance, and theatre. She was head drum major for two years, performed with the Jazz Band as lead saxophone and in the annual musicals, and sang with the award-winning Jefferson Choir during all four years of high school. She was crowned San Antonio Miss Recreation and immediately became personally connected to the community, volunteering over 125 hours of community service that year alone. When not participating in school activities, Ashley volunteers with a non-profit organization called the Network for Young Artists, which provides a positive outlet for San Antonio youth through the arts. Having been impacted so much by the power of music, Ashley decided to share her gifts with others by pursuing a career in music teaching. She is eager to learn more about music at UTSA so that she can become an even more effective role model for youth.