Thursday, October 23, 2014


The first step in the selection process occurs on the UTSA campus. For the high school applicants, an Honors College Scholarship committee selects 32 promising candidates from among all the applicants in the UTSA Terry Scholarship competition. For the transfer applicants, an Honors College Scholarship committee selects 50 promising candidates. The names of those nominees are then forwarded to the Terry Foundation.

The Foundation's Board of Directors then reviews the nominees’ applications and invites a number of those finalists for required interviews on the UTSA campus. The Foundation will notify applicants if they are selected for an interview. The interviews for high school applicants takes place in April, and the interviews for transfer applicants take place in early June. Interviewees will be notified of the exact dates by the Foundation. The Foundation pays expenses incurred by prospective Scholars who are invited to interview.

A panel consisting of the Directors of the Foundation, Terry Scholar alumni, and current Terry Scholars conducts the interviews. The Directors then select the UTSA scholarship recipients from among the students interviewed.

The new Terry Scholars are notified by mail within approximately three weeks of their interview.

Please note that UTSA serves as a nominating body only. The Terry Foundation will make all final decisions regarding scholarship awards.