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For a chart of TSI exemptions from ACT, SAT, or TAKS scores, click here.


I already took the ACT or SAT.
I’m not required to take any more tests.

  • ACT and SAT are used for admission purposes.
  • The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires students who did not score at high, exemption levels on the ACT,SAT or TAKS take a TSI approved exam even after being admitted to college.
  • TSI exams must be taken prior to orientation and registering for college courses at any state supported institution.

I’m sure I scored at high enough levels on ACT,SAT or TAKS to be exempt from any Texas Success Initiative testing.

  • Exemptions can be full or partial
  • Partial exemption means you still need to test in certain content areas prior to being allowed to register for classes.
  • A listing of full and partial exemption criteria is available at: Over 50% of new freshman do not meet full exemption criteria and must take a TSI test prior to Orientation.

Just in case, I’m not exempt,
how and where do I take a TSI test?

  • TSI exams: THEA, Accuplacer, Compass or ASSET Can be taken at any College or University near you!
  • Have the school where you are testing send a sealed copy of your scores to UTSA.
  • Check that scores have been received by the Registrar Office prior to your Orientation day.