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Topics covered on UTSA’s Math Placement


New Algebra Test (60 minute time limit/30 questions)
Alt. Basic Test (60 minute time limit/25 questions)

1. Arithmetic of rational numbers
2. Order of operations
3. Operations with algebraic expressions
4. Algebraic fractions
5. Exponents and radicals
6. Linear Equations
7. Linear inequalities
8. Systems of linear equations
9. Fractional equations
10. Quadratic equations
11. Word problems
12. Graphing


New Calculus/Alt Advanced Tests
(90 minute time limit/50 questions)

1. Function notation
2. Composition of function
3. Graphs of functions
4. Fractional and quadratic functions
5. Exponential functions
6. Operations with algebraic expressions
7. Equations and factoring
8. Systems of equations
9. Straight lines
10. Linear equations and inequalities
11. Quadratic expressions and inequalities
12. Absolute value equations and inequalities
13. Complex numbers
14. Exponents
15. Higher degree polynomials
16. Word problems and modeling
17. Trigonometric functions and graphs
18. Cofunctions
19. Right triangles
20. Trigonometric equations
21. Radian measure
22. Evaluation of special angles
23. Trigonometric identities
24. Laws of sines and cosines


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