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Get your new “UTSA Roadrunner” ready to register for classes at UTSA! Getting admitted is only the first step! Registering for classes is the next priority. The following is a checklist of important testing that affects your student’s class registration. Please don’t assume that your student is exempt from these exams check out the facts with your student through for exemption information.

Step 2: Texas Success Initiative Testing (TSI)
What is the Texas Success Initiative?
The Success Initiative is a provision in Senate Bill 286. The Success Initiative requires institutions of higher education to assess the academic skills of each entering undergraduate student to determine the student’s readiness to enroll in freshman-level academic coursework.

How is College Readiness Assessed?
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) has approved the following assessment instruments to be used in determining a students’ college readiness:
THEA (formerly known as TASP)

What are “passing scores” for the approved Texas Success Initiative Exams?

Test Reading Mathematics Writing
THEA 230 230 220
ACCUPLACER 78 63 (Elem. Algebra) 85 (Sentence Skills) & 6 (Essay)
COMPASS 81 39 (Elem. Algebra) 59 (objective) & 6 (Essay)
ASSET 41 38 (Elem. Algebra) 40 (objective) & 6 (Essay)

Types of TSI exams Where Available Registration/Information Website
THEA Across Texas on specific Dates
Accuplacer Across Texas at a College or University near you!

Step 3: Placement Testing
What are the placement tests and why does my student need to take them prior to registration?
Math Placement
Chemistry Placement
Foreign Language Placement

If you do not meet the score criteria on the following national tests…

THEA: at least a 270 on the mathematics section of the test
Accuplacer: at least an 85 on the mathematics section
SAT: a combined score of at least 1070 with at least 500 on the mathematics and English section of the test
ACT: a composite score of at least 23 and a minimum of 19 on the mathematics and English section

…and want to enroll in…
• MAT 1023 (College Algebra)
• MAT 1033 (Algebra with Calculus for Business)
• MAT 1043 (Introduction to Mathematics)
• MAT 1073 (Algebra for Scientists and Engineers)
• STA 1043 (Introduction to Statistical Reasoning)
• STA 1053 (Basic Statistics)

…you must take the Algebra Math Placement exam.

2. If you meet or exceed the aforementioned score criteria, and want to enroll in…
• MAT 1093 (Precalculus)
• MAT 1214 (Calculus I)

…you must take the precalculus/calculus math placement exam.

Chemistry Placement
Students wishing to enroll in General Chemistry must take the chemistry placement exam prior to registering for the class. This test may only be taken once, so come prepared. Students who do not achieve the passing score of 31 correct out of 60 questions will be placed in Basic Chemistry.

Types of Placement Exams Where Available Registration
Math Placement UTSA 1604 or Downtown
Chemistry Placement UTSA 1604 or Downtown