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Our Impact

Tier One status for UTSA means job creation, research innovations and a skilled workforce for San Antonio.

It means providing San Antonio with economic development leverage (the best human capital) to attract the kinds of industry San Antonio wants to grow and build. These are the tools that help form strong economies—tools that UTSA provides now and will increasingly provide in the future.

Already, UTSA:

  • confers the most degrees in South Texas
  • contributes more than $1.2 billion to the San Antonio economy, and
  • supports an estimated 15,720 jobs in South Texas.

Additional research dollars establish the foundation of new and higher-paying jobs in San Antonio, increasing the city’s competitiveness in the global market. UTSA's 19 research centers and institutes have led to discoveries and advances in the areas of cyber security; Alzheimer's diagnosis and treatment; emerging infectious diseases; music research; and conventional, alternative and renewable energy.

How will San Antonio benefit?

Economists estimate that Tier One universities generate 334 new jobs and add $8.6 million in wages for every $10 million in research expenditures. Investment in research and development yields a 20 to 30 percent rate of return to Texas in terms of jobs and economic stimulus, according to the Texas Legislative Study group.

As a Tier One university, UTSA could provide

  • more than $2.5 billion in additional dollars to the local economy and
  • an additional 41,000 jobs (more than 9,500 of those jobs would be the direct result of increased research).
  • The numbers are based on projected student enrollment in 10 years, increased research activity and research estimates from the American Association of Universities on research activity and job creation.

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