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Our Impact Total Contributions

The University of Texas at San Antonio generates more than $1.2 billion in annual business revenues and supports an estimated 15,720 jobs in the San Antonio metropolitan statistical area, based on current figures.

What UTSA Means for the Local Economy

The economic impact stems from the university's capital expenditures, operating budget, total amount of money spent by faculty, staff and students, and UTSA's Institute for Economic Development. UTSA employs more than 5,600 and is one of the largest employers in San Antonio.

Three Keys to Economic Growth

UTSA’s economic contributions stem from three main areas of focus:

  1. scholarship
  2. research
  3. community outreach

These areas, key in providing an excellent education and preparing leaders for the future, also have become the foundation for the university’s economic prosperity.

  output impact* employment impact**
capital expenditures $132 million 1,050
operating budget $132 million 7,210
faculty/staff expenditures $270 million 2,020
student expenditures $264 million 1,930
visitor expenditures $38 million 590
institute for economic development $405 million 2,920
TOTALS $1.2 billion 15,720

*Output Impact = dollar amount that UTSA’s expenditures and related expenditures have on the area economy.

**Employment Impact = UTSA’s direct and indirect employment related to campus activities and expenditures.

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