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Implementation Plan
VII. Appendices | Appendix E. Glossary of Abbreviations/Acronyms

ACT American College Test
ASF Assignable square feet
CAMLS Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Lean Systems
CCs Community colleges
CLA Collegiate Learning Assessment
CMO President’s Campus Management and Operations
COLFA College of Liberal and Fine Arts
CPE Center for Professional Excellence
DGS Dean of Graduate Studies
DR Doctoral-level students
EMP Enrollment management plan
F&A Facilities and administrative
FTE Full-time equivalent
FY Fiscal Year
GAs Graduate assistants
GPA Grade point average
GSA Graduate Student Association
GSF Gross square feet
GR Graduate students
HR Human Resources
HS High school
IPEDS Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System
IT Information technology
ITC Institute of Texan Cultures
KPIs Key performance indicators
M Million
M&O Maintenance and operations
MA Master’s-level students
NCES National Center for Education Statistics
NSSE National Survey of Student Engagement
NTT Non-tenure-track
OIP Office of International Programs
OIR Office of Institutional Research
OIT Office of Information Technology
OSM Office of Space Management
OSP Office of Sponsored Projects
OUS Office of Undergraduate Studies
P-20 Pre-school through grade 20 (graduate school)
PUF Permanent University Funds
SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test
SCH Student credit hours
SGA Student Government Association
STARS Science and Technology Acquisition and Retention
T/F Tuition and fees
T/TT Tenured and tenure-track
T&E Time and effort
TA Teaching assistantship
TEAM Teaching Excellence, Advancement and Mentoring Center
THECB Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
TRBs Tuition revenue bonds
UG Undergraduate students
UT University of Texas
UTSA University of Texas at San Antonio
VPBA Vice-President for Business Affairs
VPCS Vice-President for Community Services
VPR Vice-President for Research
VPSA Vice-President for Student Affairs
VPUA Vice-President for University Advancement

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