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Our Vision International Reach

UTSA is an international gateway for students and faculty to reach out into the world through programs, institutes, research and relationships.

San Antonio is known as an international city with a cross-cultural identity mirroring the future of the United States. UTSA provides a link between our city and the world through international reach programs, especially those focused on Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Latin America

UTSA's strong ties to Latin America are evident with the many programs and relationships established with the region including the UTSA Mexico Center. Established in October 2005 as an umbrella organization that connects Mexico-related experts at UTSA through cross-disciplinary collaboration on research projects and activities. The center addresses and generates transnational dialogue and research on public policy issues that affect the people of Mexico and the United States.


UTSA continues to grow its research, educational, and cultural ties to Asia via the East Asia Institute and the Confucius Institute. International Reach

"The Torch of Friendship", a gift from Mexico to the City of San Antonio represents the longstanding friendship shared by Mexico and the United States.

The Confucius Institute Headquarters in China approved UTSA's application to establish the local center, which is part of UTSA's East Asia Institute. Established in October 2008, the East Asia Institute promotes understanding of East Asian societies and culture through research, outreach, networking, education, student/faculty exchanges, and business development and cooperation.


UTSA's partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) provides educational materials and teacher training to improve literacy rates of children in Africa.

The three-year, $13-million cooperative agreement between UTSA and the Republic of Malawi will provide 120 book titles in both English and Chichewa, the native language of Malawi, to 1,000 of the country's 5,000 public schools.