New UTSA home page: And now for something completely different

(Aug. 15, 2003)--Visitors to the UTSA home page are seeing something new -- a new page with hundreds of new links.

The new home page includes a reorganized directory, QuickLinks to popular UTSA Web sites, virtual tours of sites at the 1604 and Downtown campuses, and photos of UTSA campus life that change on each visit to the home page. More features will be added in the coming weeks.

"The new design is the first step in creating an environment that will adapt easily to newer technologies available on the Web," said David Gabler, UTSA assistant vice president for communications. "Content management and portal systems will play an important role in the development of UTSA in the electronic domain. This type of technology will ultimately save the university time and money as we progress in the electronic age."

According to Craig Evans, UTSA director of Internet development, the intent was to build a site that is memorable, user-friendly and that complies with all state and federal accessibility guidelines and mandates.

Connected with the launch of the new UTSA home page is the Identity Guidelines site, which is accessible from the home page. The guide outlines the standards designed to promote UTSA, its colleges and programs to all audiences on and off the tri-campuses. It applies to such printed pieces as brochures, flyers, posters, letterhead, business cards, advertising and newsletters, and includes official university Web pages and presentations.

"As we communicate about our work both internally and externally, it is crucial that we be both consistent and effective," said President Ricardo Romo. "We ask all members of the university community to use the new UTSA identity program to ensure that our visual communications -- print or electronic -- convey a cohesive image. Our continuing success as a leader in higher education is best told through consistent application of identity standards."

Efforts were made in the design process to accommodate a broad internal and external constituency. "Not only do we have to provide service for our current student and staff population," said Evans, "but we are concerned with reaching prospective students and their parents, our growing alumni population, research organizations, corporations, businesses and donors. All of these components are what make UTSA an institution of first choice."

Because the new Web sites are works in progress, feedback is highly encouraged.

To share your responses to the new UTSA home page and associated pages, go to the Feedback page.

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