Smoke-free workplace is the law in San Antonio

(Jan. 26, 2004)--Effective January 1, 2004, smoking is prohibited in enclosed places in the city of San Antonio

Under the new ordinance, all enclosed work spaces and public places must be smoke-free including offices, banks, gas stations, laundromats and common areas such as lobbies, elevators and shopping malls.

Exceptions are made only for businesses classified as a restaurant that have built a separately enclosed smoking area and establishments classified as a stand-alone bar, bingo halls, billiard halls and cigar bars.

According to City Code Chapter 36, ordinances 97895 and 97990, the smoking prohibition is to be communicated to current employees and employment applicants.

To report a complaint, call the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District at 210-207-8853 or 210-207-8780.

For more information, visit the Smoke-Free San Antonio Coalition Web site.

--Tim Brownlee

University Communications
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