OIT offers anti-virus tips for home PC users

(Jan. 29, 2004)--With the latest computer worm and viruses circulating around the world, the UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) offers some information on protecting your home computer system.

By practicing a few preventive measures, you can protect your PC from malicious attacks.

  • Install an antivirus software package.
    The primary reasons computer viruses and worms continue to clog e-mail in-boxes is because home PC users either do not have anti-virus software installed, or if they do have the software it is not updated. Two of the top antivirus software packages are Norton AntiVirus and McAfee VirusScan. The UTSA computer network is protected by McAfee products. These products are available for purchase and download at their Web sites and also are available for purchase from retail outlets such as Best Buy, Circuit City and office-supply stores. The full versions of these software programs come with a year of updates. After the initial year, users must pay for a subscription on a yearly basis.
  • Activate Windows’ own firewall and install firewall software.
    A firewall will close off unprotected ports and will monitor your PC for traffic that might try to attack your PC while you are connected to the Internet. Download a free version of ZoneAlarm, Zone Labs' firewall software. For more information on firewalls and PC security, go to the Microsoft Security Web site.
  • If you suspect that your PC is infected, McAfee offers a Web-based scanning tool that will scan your PC for viruses and worms.
    Check out McAfee's FreeScan. If you have an infected home PC, the Symantec and McAfee Web sites also offer free virus-removal tools.

--Lance Pritchard

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