car enthusiasts
car enthusiasts

Local car enthusiast and UTSA supporter joins Gulf-to-Pacific race

(Feb. 12, 2004)--UTSA President Ricardo Romo was on hand Sunday, Feb. 8 to send off San Antonio participants in the Carrera del Golfo al Pacifico Copa Jaguar (Race from the Gulf to the Pacific Jaguar Cup).

Sponsored by the Jaguar Club of Mexico, the Feb. 11-14 event includes 60 Jaguar cars, modern and collectible, in a cross-country race from Veracruz to Acapulco.

Phil Hardberger, former chief justice of the Texas 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and UTSA supporter, is a San Antonio participant in the race. He was a consultant in establishing in 2001 the UTSA Institute for Law and Public Affairs, a program to help UTSA students perform well on the law school admissions test and in completing law school curricula.

The U.S. registration coordinator for the Jaguar Cup is Victor D'Souza, president of Victor's Service Center, Inc., which specializes in Jaguars and Ferraris.

Pictured from left to right are (top) Romo and Hardberger and (bottom) D’Souza, Romo and Hardberger.

Before joining the bench in 1994, Hardberger was senior partner with the Hardberger and Rodriguez law firm. Before law practice, he served as executive secretary of the Peace Corps (1962-1966) and as special assistant to Director Sargent Shriver at the Office of Economic Opportunity in Washington, D.C., (1967-1968).

Hardberger, an Air Force pilot from 1955 to 1958, flew his single-engine airplane from San Antonio to Paris in 1977, from San Antonio to Madrid in 1981 and from San Antonio to Brazil in 1983. He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (1990), Mount Rainier (1991), Mount Popocatepetl (1992) and hiked 120 miles across the Swiss Alps from Switzerland to Italy (1992). He sailed across the Gulf of Mexico from Galveston to Veracruz in his 42-foot sailboat, Aimless, taking first place honors in the Regata de Amigos Race in 1996.

--Tim Brownlee

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