English department to host April 6 event

(April 5, 2004)--The UTSA Department of English, Classics and Philosophy will host English, Classics and Philosophy Day from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 6 in the University Center at the 1604 Campus. The free event, which includes ECP Jeopardy, a bad poetry contest, door prizes and a complimentary lunch, is open to the UTSA community.

According to Associate Professor Bridget Drinka, it will be a day of workshops and fun activities to let students know about the exciting classes and opportunities her department has to offer.

Presentation topics by English, classics and philosphy professors and graduate students will include:

  • Mark Twain vs. God
  • Shakespeare's Insults
  • Meet the Greek Gods
  • Poetry-Writing Workshop
  • Shakespeare in Performance
  • Ancient Roots of Our Language
  • The Etruscans at Merlo: Once More With Feeling
  • African American Literature Through Jazz and Blues
  • Confucianism vs. Taoism: Buddhism In The Chinese Novel
  • "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" Through Performance and Painting
  • Legends of Stonehenge and Early Standing Stones: A Virtual Tour
  • Thinking Of Grad School? Introduction to Graduate Programs at UTSA


ECP Day Schedule
UTSA University Center, 1604 Campus
Tuesday, April 6

11 a.m.

Laurel Room (2.01.28): Welcome

11:05-11:50 a.m.

Laurel Room (2.01.28)
African American Literature Through Jazz and Blues
Professor Bill Mullen

Mesquite Room (2.01.24)
Poetry-Writing Workshop
Graduate creative-writing students

Oak Room (2.01.02)
Keats's Knight: Bewitched or an Accident Waiting to Happen?
Associate Professor Debbie Lopez

Pecan Room (2.01.26)
Confucianism vs. Taoism/Buddhism in the Chinese Novel
Assistant Professor Xunwu Chen

12-12:50 p.m.

Laurel Room (2.01.28): Lunch
ECP Jeopardy, Sigma Tau Delta


Laurel Room (2.01.28)
Thinking of Grad School? Introduction to English Graduate Programs at UTSA and elsewhere
Professor Mark Allen and other faculty

Mesquite Room (2.01.24)
The Etruscans at Merlo: Once More with Feeling
Associate Professor Paul Alessi

Oak Room (2.01.02)
Shakespeare's Insults
Sigma Tau Delta

Pecan Room (2.01.26)
Ancient roots of our language
Associate Professor Bridget Drinka

2-2:50 p.m.

Laurel Room (2.01.28)
Shakespeare in Performance
Assistant Professor Mark Womack

Mesquite Room (2.01.24)
Mark Twain vs. God
Professor Jeanne Reesman

Oak Room (2.01.02)
Meet the Greek Gods
Assistant Professor John Rundin

Pecan Room (2.01.26)
Legends of Stonehenge and Early Standing Stones:
A Virtual Tour, Dr. Mark Allen

3-3:30 p.m.

Laurel Room (2.01.28)
Final ECP Jeopardy
Announcements of winners of poetry contest, Bad Poetry Contest and door prizes

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