human-powered vehicle
Human-powered vehicle

Students seek donations for weekend contest

(April 20, 2004)--The UTSA student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers need $1,500 in donations to help four students participate in a human-powered vehicle (HPV) competition April 22-23 at Oregon State University.

The team comprised of Fernando Lizcano, Robert Stoff-Reigel, Jaime Espinosa and Frank Juarez must raise $3,000 to attend the weekend competition in Oregon. So far, they have come up with $1,500 in donations.

The competition allows university mechanical engineering students to challenge their knowledge by planning, designing and building the special vehicles. The students compete in sprint, endurance and design competitions.

HPVs enable the driver to position themselves in a relaxed position allowing more power output for a better performance. The frames must accommodate many components including steering, rollover protection, aerodynamics and front-to-rear power distribution.

"This the first fully functional prototype to be completed, and if we can receive enough support for our travel expenses we will compete," said Fernando Lizcano, HPV team member. "If we fall short, the money will go into a fund to support the 2005 HPV team."

For more information or to donate, contact Fernando Lizcano at 210-685-7604.

--Kris Rodriguez

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