Software allows remote access to UTSA network

(April 2, 2004)--The UTSA computing network now can be accessed remotely by UTSA staff and faculty who install Virtual Private Network (VPN) software.

"For all practical purposes, it will appear as if you are logging on to your work PC from home," said Jeffrey Noyes, UTSA chief information officer and associate vice president for information technology.

According to Noyes, VPN creates a secure connection to the UTSA network via the Internet from a PC or laptop at home or other off-campus location. Connection via a broadband service such as DSL or a cable modem is recommended for use with the VPN software.

After installing the software on a home PC or laptop, users can access their UTSA Outlook e-mail and calendar, data from network drives (I:drive) and applications such as the Training Post, a human resources training and development site.

Those who want to connect to the DEFINE information system must install additional software.

The VPN Web site provides instructions for downloading and installing the software as well as information on connecting to the UTSA network.

For more information, contact Jeffrey Noyes at 210-458-4555 or call the OIT Help Desk at 210-458-5538.

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