Leadership Award: Anne Englert

(May 27, 2004)--Anne Englert, coordinator for special programs in the UTSA Office of Student Leadership and Cultural Programs, will be honored Friday, May 28 with the Leadership Award, one of five that will be presented at the UTSA Staff Excellence Awards ceremony.

UTSA Tri-Campus staff members are invited to attend the event hosted by President Ricardo Romo at 2:30 p.m., Friday, May 28, in the University Center Retama Auditorium (2.02.02) at the 1604 Campus.

The Leadership Award recognizes staff members who demonstrate strong leadership skills, serve as a role model for colleagues and promote the university's goals through actions and job performance.

The five Staff Excellence Awards recognize excellent work performance in emerging leadership, dynamic leadership, teamwork, extraordinary initiative and overall excellence. A monetary award of $1,000 accompanies each Staff Excellence Award, with the award money divided among recipients in the case of a group award. Staff Excellence finalists were chosen by an 11 staff-member committee, which reviewed 93 nominations.

The Staff Excellence Awards are the Rising Star Award, Leadership Award, Team Spirit Award, Extra Mile Award and Order of the Roadrunner Award.


Anne Englert
Leadership Award winner

Anne Englert received multiple nominations for the Leadership Award, but the first one said it all. 

"Anne is a force of nature and the best event planner, bar none, that I have ever worked with professionally. Her honor students love and respect her, and she returns that same love and respect to them.  Anne Englert lives to shape, mold and enlighten her students.  It is her passion." 
The coordinator for special programs in the student leadership and cultural programs office, Englert coordinated the University Life Awards, planned Nevil Shed Day, the Gray Matters Debate, the Honors Inductions and the Faculty Appreciation Gala -- all huge successes.  Englert ensured more than 100 students were recognized at the Who's Who dinner this year. 
When not directing her own events, Englert has assisted in planning for Family Weekend, orientation, Spring Fling, Week of Welcome and the recent Battle of the Bands event.  She is an endless source of knowledge about UTSA students and their accomplishments.
"Last year, when I was trying to get UTSA students to apply for the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship, I mentioned to Anne that I did not seem to be able to get the word out that would result in a pool of candidates," wrote Jane Findling, director of alumni programs.  "Not only did she obtain an excellent pool of students, she coached those who were interested to fill out their applications and go through the interview process." 
One of those students Englert coached, Paul Salinas, earned the award and will do post-graduate studies at the University of Limerick next year, all expenses paid.
"At the end of the day, the aspect of Anne's personality that I admire most is that she puts UTSA students first in all things," wrote John Kaulfus, executive director of student leadership and cultural programs.  "I can honestly think of no one more deserving of this award."

--Leigh Anne Gullett