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Preparedness office to conduct training exercise

(May 18, 2004)--The UTSA Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) and the UTSA Emergency Response Team will conduct a training exercise Thursday afternoon May 20 on the 1604 Campus. Several UTSA organizations and key personnel will be involved in the exercise which will include simulated off-campus responses.

Because the exercise is scheduled during regular business hours, efforts are being made to keep disruptions to student activities and business services to a minimum.

OEP offers these reminders regarding emergency procedures.

  • In the event of a fire alarm or emergency evacuation, UTSA building captains, safety coordinators or university police officers will notify occupants to exit the building. Evacuate buildings via the first-level exterior doors or the nearest stairwell.
  • Classroom and office doors should be closed and personal valuables should not be left behind.
  • As a general rule, everyone is asked to stay at least 300 feet up-wind from an affected building in a designated zone assembly area.
  • Evacuees should remain in the assembly area away from the building until the on-scene official indicates it is safe to return to the building.

"We would like to evaluate the capability of participating UTSA responders to respond, contain and control an emergency scene," said Bill Hamilton, OEP assistant to the director of public safety. "We also want to assess the effectiveness of the Emergency Response Team and the UTSA Safety, Security and Emergency Response Plans."

Volunteers still are needed across the UTSA community to serve as safety captains and coordinators. Safety volunteers receive evacuation training from the UTSA fire and safety coordinator and OEP. The telephone numbers of building captains are programmed into the UTSA Emergency Notification System and, in an emergency, they are notified to begin an evacuation.

Full-time staff members who want to be a safety captain or coordinator should contact Bill Hamilton at 210-458-4753.

--Kris Rodriguez

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