Steve Murdock
Steve Murdock

UTSA demographer wins Hobby Visionary Award

(May 18, 2004)--Steve Murdock, director of the UTSA Institute for Demographic and Socioeconomic Research (IDSR) and the official state demographer, received the 2004 Hobby Visionary Award last week at a Center for Public Policy Priorities (CPPP) conference in Austin.

The award, named after former Lt. Gov. William P. Hobby, is given annually to an emerging leader or a leader with an emerging vision.

A nationally respected demographer, Murdock joined the UTSA faculty in January as the Lutcher Brown Distinguished Chair in Management Science and Statistics in the College of Business and created the IDSR.

Murdock, a longtime CPPP board member, received the award due to his groundbreaking and influential work on Texas' future demographic trends and their implications on public policy.

"No one has done more to make public the demographic trends and policy challenges that Texas will be encountering in the next few decades," said Hobby as he introduced Murdock to the conference crowd of 250. "As a respected scientist, Steve's words carry clout, and when he speaks, those in positions of power listen."

"I am honestly surprised and very pleased to accept this honor," said Murdock. "It continues to be gratifying to be associated with such a wonderful organization, and I thank you for this award."

Murdock earned a Ph.D. in demography and sociology from the University of Kentucky and is the author of 11 books and more than 150 articles and technical reports on the implications of demographic and socioeconomic change.

Among his publications are "America Challenged: Population Change and the Future of the United States" and "The Texas Challenge: Population Change and the Future of Texas."

--Wendy Frost

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