UTSA faculty-staff parking permits now ordered online

(Aug. 3, 2004)--UTSA faculty and staff parking permits now must be ordered online via the ASAP information system. See directions below for ordering a permit.

Permits ordered by Aug.15 will be mailed to the employee home address entered in the Ticketrak system. Employees with unpaid parking citations cannot purchase permits.

Permits purchased after Aug. 15 must be picked up in person from the Parking Office (if paid by credit card online or payroll deduction) or at any Fiscal Services office. If ordering online, print the online receipt and take it with you when picking up your permit.

These parking permits are available:

  • Garage - Faculty/Staff (Downtown Campus parking garage)
  • 24 Hour Reserved
  • Faculty/Staff A
  • Faculty/Staff B

Motorcycle/scooter permits must be purchased at Fiscal Services.

Changes were made in Downtown Campus parking policies to achieve consistency with UTSA-wide parking regulations and to provide alternatives for situations when someone parks in a space not assigned to them. There are no changes this year in 1604 Campus parking garage permits.

  • Effective Sept. 1, Garage faculty/staff permits, class E, previously numbered and assigned, will no longer be numbered nor assigned to a particular individual and will be subject to the same rules and regulations as the class P, 24-hour reserved permits sold at the 1604 Campus.
  • Garage faculty/staff E permits will be required for parking in any 24-hour reserved garage parking space. Garage faculty/staff E-permitted vehicles may also park in the designated 24-hour reserved areas at the 1604 Campus. UTSA executive officers will continue to be assigned a particular parking space, Garage Business permits, class E, marked accordingly.
  • Garage permits will continue to be sold on a one-for-one basis -- the same number of garage parking (or unnumbered) permits will be sold as there are garage parking spaces. Garage permits will be sold on a first come, first served basis based on the number of parking spaces available, however, it is anticipated there will be sufficient garage spaces available for those that request them.

For more information, visit the Parking Web site.


To purchase a 2004-2005 UTSA faculty/staff parking permit:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Log into ASAP."
  • Enter User ID (Banner number with the first zero of Banner number replaced with the "@" symbol).
  • Enter PIN (The first time you log onto ASAP, the program will prompt you to enter your User ID and establish a six-digit PIN. Follow the on-screen instructions to establish PIN. Thereafter use this PIN to enter ASAP.)
  • Click on "Employee Service" link.
  • Click on "Employee Parking Permit Selection" and then "Click here to purchase a parking permit."
  • Follow the online TicketTrak instructions to enter address and vehicle information.
  • Parking permit payment can be made by credit card online, in person at Fiscal Services, payroll deduction - pretax or payroll deduction - after tax.

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