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Joe L. Martinez Jr.

San Antonio Life Sciences Institute funds first projects

(Aug. 6, 2004)--The San Antonio Life Sciences Institute (SALSI), a joint program of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and UTSA launched in December 2003, has announced $915,000 in funding for eight research and educational projects that will be conducted by investigators from both institutions.

"The SALSI program has identified important new relationships between the two universities, building upon the unique strengths at each institution and creating an environment where the sum is greater than the whole," said James Roberts, SALSI co-director and Health Science Center professor of pharmacology.

"Some truly spectacular research programs have been seeded. We are encouraged that this strong response to the pilot program and the high quality of proposals will translate into increased funding for both universities."

Joe L. Martinez Jr., SALSI co-director and UTSA professor of neurobiology, said, "SALSI has substantial investments from the UT System, UTSA and the Health Science Center. This forward-looking strategy will both increase the research effort and bring the research focus of the two campuses closer together by stimulating joint research leading to increased federal funding."

Twenty-six research proposals were submitted in a variety of scientific disciplines ranging from biomechanics to cancer biology to computational sciences to health care disparities. Three educational proposals were received in diverse areas, as well.

While the majority of the proposals were judged as scientifically excellent by an external review panel of national and international scientists, limited funding allowed SALSI to fully support only six research proposals whose costs ranged from $97,000 to $185,000. Two of the educational proposals were partially funded.

The second round of proposals for this fiscal year brought 19 research and two educational proposals that are being reviewed.

For more information, contact Kris Rodriguez, UTSA, at 210-458-4550 or Will Sansom, UTHSCSA, at 210-567-2570.


SALSI funded proposals and principal investigators


Noninvasive Tissue-Based Biosensors for Biomedical Research
Peter J. Hornsby, Ph.D., physiology, UTHSCSA
Dhiraj K. Sardar, Ph.D., physics, UTSA

Radiation-Induced Changes in Hippocampal Functioning
Martin Fuss, M.D., radiation oncology, UTHSCSA
Joe L. Martinez Jr., Ph.D., Cajal Neuroscience Research Center, UTSA

In Vivo Molecular Imaging of RNA Interference
Zheng Jim Wang, Ph.D., radiology, UTHSCSA
Cong-Gui Zhao, Ph.D., chemistry, UTSA

Development of Assisted Reproduction, Transgenesis Stem Cell Technologies in the Baboon
Robert S. Schenken, M.D., obstetrics and gynecology, UTHSCSA
John R. McCarrey, Ph.D., biology, UTSA

Structure and Function of Francisella Tularensis Virulence Proteins
P. John Hart, Ph.D., biochemistry, UTHSCSA
Karl E. Klose, Ph.D., biology, UTSA

Immunization Against Coccidioidomycosis by Sindbis Viruses Expressing Coccidioides Antigens
Theresa Quitugua, Ph.D., microbiology and immunology, UTHSCSA
Hans W. Heidner, Ph.D., biology, UTSA


Ph.D. in Human Communication Sciences
Randal A. Otto, M.D., otolaryngology, UTHSCSA
Jan Tillery, Ph.D., linguistics, UTSA

Center for Health and Health Care Disparities Infrastructure Core and Faculty Development Program
Martha A. Medrano, M.D., M.P.H., psychiatry, UTHSCSA
Mary A. McGehee, Ph.D., sociology, UTSA

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