Windows upgrade brings changes to UTSA network

(Aug. 26, 2004)--UTSA Technology Support Services (TSS) will upgrade servers that run Exchange and other central services from September through December 2004.

The changes are necessary due to Microsoft's plan to discontinue support for some operating systems.

Among the changes to come are new network IDs, a secondary e-mail address and an enhanced Web mail application. A new password policy will be implemented in order to increase security.

Individual users at UTSA will not need software upgrades on their desktop computers, which will continue to run Windows XP.

Macintosh users will also see an increase in functionality with Entourage 2004.

View a Web-based PowerPoint presentation on the TSS Windows 2003 Web page. The page is best viewed using the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser.

For more information, contact Charlotte Colbert, TSS director, at 210-458-5886.

--Alex Morones

University Communications
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