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PrintSmart UTSA project goes live Sept. 13

(Sept. 7, 2004)--PrintSmart UTSA will be fully operational Monday, Sept. 13, according to the UTSA Office of Information Technology.

PrintSmart UTSA is the computer system that controls printing in the student computing labs and libraries. Although the equipment and system have been in use for several weeks, students have not yet been charged for printing.

As part of the automated services fee, students will be allocated a credit of 200 free black-and-white pages at the beginning of each semester. If students exceed the page limit they will be charged eight cents for a single black-and-white page, 12 cents for printing on both sides of a page and 48 cents for a color page.

Printing charges will be paid via the UTSACard.

According to Jeff Noyes, UTSA CIO and associate vice president for information technology, "PrintSmart UTSA is a response to rising printing costs, and we expect that students will be more selective about what and how much they print. Across the university we may see a drop of up to 50 percent in the total number of pages printed, resulting in a more effective use of natural resources."

PrintSmart UTSA is not planned to be a revenue-generating program. "If there is a profit, it will be used to upgrade and maintain equipment in the student labs and library," Noyes said.

For more information, go to the PrintSmart UTSA Web site.

--Alex Morones

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