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Institutional Research hosts data warehousing session

(March 3, 2005)--The UTSA Office of Institutional Research will host a presentation on data warehousing from 9 to 11:30 a.m., Monday, March 7 in Business Building Room 3.04.08 at the 1604 Campus. The presentation is open to all UTSA faculty and staff interested in establishing a UTSA data warehouse.

According to Gerry Dizinno, UTSA director of institutional research, the presentation will be relevant to those who work with students, financial information and other aspects of UTSA's daily work.

The speaker at the information session is Susan Nies, a data warehousing consultant. Nies earned a B.S. degree in computer science and an M.B.A. from UTSA. She has 15 years of experience in all aspects of business intelligence systems including needs assessment, implementation, roll-out and training.

She has data warehousing experience in higher education and the marketing and petro-chemical industries. Nies was primary consultant for a recent St. Mary's University data warehouse project and has lectured at numerous higher education technology and institutional research conferences.

A "data warehouse" is defined as a copy of stored data structured for querying, reporting and analysis. Data warehouses often focus on a specific activity or entity and can be used at all levels of an organization to monitor operational activities.

"The presentation will be non-technical, focusing on what a data warehouse can provide, what it can't provide and, perhaps most importantly, what it will take from all of us -- technical and non-technical -- to get such an application designed, built, improved upon and maintained over the years," said Dizinno. "We feel that this bit of education can help us to make a well-informed decision about whether or not to proceed in this direction."

If you plan to attend the meeting, for planning purposes contact Gerry Dizinno at (210) 458-4706.

--Tim Brownlee

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