Patricia Glenn
Patricia Glenn

UTSA Profile: Patricia Glenn, executive director, Tomas Rivera Center for Student Success

(March 24, 2005)--Patricia Glenn is the executive director of the UTSA Tomas Rivera Center for Student Success (TRC).

TRC is an academic support unit that provides academic advising, learning assistance, supplemental instruction and other specialized programs that facilitate student retention and success.

Glenn came to UTSA in 1995, after serving as director of academic support at Baltimore City College. She earned a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Florida, a master's degree in reading education from Arizona State University and a doctoral degree in curriculum instruction from New Mexico State University.

She worked as a teacher at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

Glenn's 22 years of experience in the learning assistance field are a huge asset to UTSA.

--Hector Benavides


HB: What can you do at TRC to help students?

PG: Currently we have several programs to help students do better in school. The Risk Point Program for students that do not do well on their mid-term grades, the Phoenix program for students that are on probation and we have a special program for provisional students. Also, we have a program to help dismissed students find a way back to UTSA. Besides these special programs we are always here to help students learn how to manage school work.

HB: What do you consider your biggest success at UTSA and what do you still want to accomplish?

PG: What I consider a success is seeing people graduate from college. It is more rewarding when it is one of the provisional students, since at one point they might not have attended college at all. A support program for graduate students is one thing that I would still like to accomplish.

HB: What advice do you have for students?

PG: Do not work at a job more than 20 hours a week. Also, remember to fit your social life to your school life and not the other way around.

HB: Do you interact with students face to face?

PG: Unfortunately, I do not interact with students often. I usually interact with the staff and then they interact with the students. When I first came to UTSA, I did interact with students on a regular basis and I miss it because it's fun to interact with them.

HB: What are some of the things you do to relax after a long day of work?

PG: I like to go home and lie down on my couch and read. Also, I enjoy talking with my husband and taking trips, especially to Europe, during vacation periods.

HB: Do you have a favorite book?

PG: My favorite book, "Kristen Lavransdatter," is about a woman living in Norway during the middle ages. I enjoy it because it makes me feel as though I am part of medieval life. I read it for the first time when I was 22 and again five years ago.

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