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UTSA ranks ninth in Hispanic graduate enrollment

(April 21, 2005)--The number of Hispanic students enrolled in UTSA graduate programs ranks the university among the top in the nation, according to the April 2005 edition of The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education magazine.

UTSA ranked No. 9 with 1,304 or 38 percent Hispanic graduate enrollment out of 3,448 total graduate enrollment. UTSA also ranked No. 14 in the number of master's degrees awarded to Hispanics with 216 or 32 percent of 679 awarded.

UTSA currently offers 40 master's degree programs in addition to 55 undergraduate and 12 doctoral degree programs.

Texas was among the top three states in enrollments and number of master's degrees awarded to Hispanics. Four UT System schools, UT El Paso, UT Pan American, UT San Antonio and UT Austin, were listed among the Top 25 Hispanic enrollments.

--Kris Rodriguez


UTSA rankings

(National Center for Education statistics, 2002-2003)

  • 21st -- Total graduate student enrollment: 3,448
  • 9th -- Hispanic graduate student enrollment: 1,304
  • 20th -- Female graduate student enrollment: 2003
  • 19th -- Male graduate student enrollment: 1445
  • 23rd -- Total master's degrees awarded: 679
  • 23rd -- Females awarded master's degrees: 397
  • 21st -- Males awarded master's degrees: 282
  • 14th -- Total Hispanics awarded master's degrees: 216
  • 13th -- Hispanic females awarded master's degrees: 141
  • 12th -- Hispanic males awarded master's degrees: 75

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