Upgrade limits Lonestar e-mail access May 16-17

(May 11, 2005)--The UTSA Office of Information Technology announces all UTSA student computer labs will be closed May 16-17 to upgrade lab servers, user account management software, desktop PC operating systems and PrintSmart system software.

Because of the system upgrades, AirRowdy wireless network service for students will be unavailable May 16-17. But, the Lonestar student e-mail system will be accessible via computer kiosks around the UTSA tri-campuses, alternate labs and from off campus via the Web. The upgrades will affect only the general access lab systems and AirRowdy logins.

As part of the major upgrade to the lab network software, all computer lab, PrintSmart, and AirRowdy user account names will change.

Beginning May 18, student user names will be in the "firstname.lastname" format (ex. Joe.Smith or Betty.Crocker).

If a student has the same name as another user, the new login name will have a number added (ex. Joe.Smith01 or Joe.Smith02).

All user accounts must be activated at a UTSA Student Computer Lab help desk on or after May 18. For more efficient service, bring your UTSACard.

--Tim Brownlee

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