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Twenty-four UTSA faculty members receive research awards

(May 31, 2005)--Twenty-four University of Texas at San Antonio faculty members received grants through the institution's Faculty Research Awards Program for 2005. The 24 recipients were chosen from 64 submitted proposals.

This year's recipients consist of 20 in the assistant professor category and four in the associate professor/professor category. The recipients represent the College of Engineering, College of Sciences, College of Liberal and Fine Arts, College of Eeducation and Human Development, and the School of Architecture.

A committee comprised of a member from each of the six colleges and the School of Architecture determines the recipients of the awards. UTSA initiated the Faculty Research Awards Program more than 14 years ago to promote research and scholarship among full-time, tenure-track faculty.

--Hector Benavides


UTSA Faculty Research Awards 2005

(listed by researcher(s), department, topic, award amount)

Assistant Professor Category

Akopian, David -- electrical engineering
"Development of Indoor Positioning Algorithms and Location-Based Applications"

Baumann, Michael -- psychology
"Improving Information Sharing in Decision-Making Teams

Bin-Shafique, Sazzad -- civil and environmental engineering
"Characterization of Leachate from Various Bottom Ashes"

Cordova, Ruben -- art and art history
"Yolanda M. Lopez: Re-Envisioning the Virgin of Guadalupe and Popular Culture

Cotae, Paul -- electrical engineering
"New Technology for High Speed Wireless Communication Over Internet

Ganz, Jennifer -- interdisciplinary studies and curriculum
"Using Visual Supports to Improve Peer Imitation Skills in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders"

Garcia, Carlos -- chemistry
"Detection of Phenolic Antioxidants Using Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis"

Grigoryan, Artyom -- electrical engineering
"Method for Image Reconstruction from Projectiles in X-Tomography"

Heberstroh, Shane -- psychology and adult education
"Exploring Online Counseling: Building Upon Client Perspectives to Create a Model Online Counseling and Res. Center

Huang, Yufei -- electrical engineering
Wang, Yufeng -- biology
"A Bayesian Graphical Modeling Approach for Inference of Gene Networks"

Jin, Yufang -- electrical engineering
"Advance Control of Mobile Robots and Its Application to Automatic Inspection"

Love, Ashely -- health and kinesiology
"Health-Related Quality of Life and Nutritional Status of Hispanic Elders and Non-Hispanic Elders in Bexar County

Scholz, Claudia -- sociology
"If You Build It, Will They Come? Tourism as a Rural Development -- Strategy in the Dominican Republic

Senagala, Mahesh -- architecture
"Smart Architecture: Parametric Modeling of Smart Tensile Fabric Roof Systems"

Sunil, Thankam -- sociology
"Individual and Neighborhood Effects on Pre-Term and Low Birth Weight in Bexar County, Texas"

Tian, Qi -- computer science
"Biometrics: A Killer Pattern Recognition Application"

Trepal, Heather -- psychology and adult education
"School Counselors' Perceptions of Self-injurious Behavior: A Pilot Study"

Wei, Tao -- biology
"Aging-Related Global Gene Expression and DNA Damage Repair in Yeast"

Wenk, Carola -- computer science
"Locating GPS Curves in Roadmaps"

Xie, Hongjie -- earth and environmental science
"Mars Remote Sensing for Determining Mar's Evolution of the Surface and Interior"

Associate Professor/Professor Category

Calabria, Antonio -- associate professor of history
"Investors in State Securities in Early Modern Naples: >Renteirs and the Uses of Wealth"

Levitt, Steven -- associate professor of communication
Rojas, Viviana -- assistant professor of communication
"The Impact of Media on Adolescents' Sexual Behavior"

Lin, Wei-Ming -- professor of electrical engineering
"Autonomous Real-Time Traffic Injection Control for Freeway System"

Morris, Alan -- professor of Earth and Environmental Science
"Estimation of Subseismic Fault Populations"

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