Pat Berlet
Pat Berlet

UTSA Profile: Pat Berlet, director of UTSA Student Health Services

(June 15, 2005)--Pat Berlet, director of UTSA Student Health Services, has seen many changes as her department and the university have grown.

She has been part of the staff for 29 of the 31 years health services has existed.

With a degree from the Baptist School of Nursing, she began her career at UTSA as a part-time nurse. She was coordinator and assistant director of Student Health Services before becoming director two years ago.

I spoke with Berlet last spring, and here is our conversation.

--Hector Benavides


HB: What are some of the services offered to the students?

PB: We are an ambulatory acute center. A nurse sees the student and then recommends treatment or an appointment with a doctor. We also provide health education courses as well as CPR courses. We provide immunization services upon request and we have a variety of clinics at least once a week for various student needs.

HB: What would you like to improve in the department?

PB: I would like to have an x-ray facility and enlarge the pharmacy. I also would like to have enough doctors so that students can just walk in to see them, instead of having to set up an appointment. And, I would like to increase the number of health education classes offered.

HB: Do you often interact with students?

PB: I usually interact with the students that are unhappy and those that are experiencing problems. I try to address the concerns that parents may have about their son's or daughter's health. Since I am an R.N., I help during emergencies and the busy season.

HB: What are your primary duties as the director?

PB: I supervise health and medical care. I also make long-range plans and write policies and procedures. I consult with the center's staff and I work with other departments.

HB: What are the goals of the department?

PB: To increase the Well Women Clinic and health education programs. Also, we would like to make our Web site more user-friendly and to develop a handbook for student self-help. We are also working with the architects in the renovation and expansion of the center.

HB: What do you do to relax when you are off work?

PB: I am very active in the Girl Scouts, both locally and nationally. I enjoy spending time with my grandson and working on my garden, and I like to take the time to travel every once in a while.

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