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UTSA Frontrunners welcome prospective students

(June 13, 2005)--UTSA Frontrunners is a student organization, which was founded three years ago, that is very involved in UTSA and the community.

The Frontrunners provide tours of the campus twice each weekday and once on Saturdays for prospective students and their families. Their tours are more in-depth than those given during orientation sessions.

Based out of the Visitor Center, the adviser for the group is UTSA admissions officer Chris Chipps. The current organization is comprised of 12 student volunteers. Three students hold the paid position of student admissions officer and are in charge of the organization.

"We try to give a personal feel to the tours," said Mari Flores, student admissions officer. "We like to make the prospective students feel at home."

The Frontrunners also are involved in reaching out to high schools. The group goes with admissions office staff members to local high schools to speak with students about their experiences at UTSA.

Additionally, the group presents fund-raising events throughout the year to raise money for their organization and participate in at least one community service project in the fall and spring.

The Frontrunners conduct a recruitment drive at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Applicants for membership must be UTSA students with at least a 2.0 G.P.A.

"We are looking for people that know about and love UTSA -- basically students that will make a good first impression to incoming students." said Flores.

Once accepted, new members go through a three to four week training period to learn how to conduct tours and provide information to visitors. The Frontrunners try to keep membership between 15 and 20 to maintain a tight atmosphere where the team members know each other well.

For more information on Frontrunners, contact the Office of Student Activities, University Center Room 1.02.08, 1604 Campus, (210) 458-4160, or stop by the Frontrunners table at the club fair at the beginning of each semester.

--Hector Benavides

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