OIT issues warning on UTSA 'spoof' e-mails

(June 7, 2005)--The UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) has issued a new warning about "spoof" e-mail messages that appear to come from UTSA technology services.

The latest round of spoof messages, which warned that e-mail accounts were "expiring," came with attachments that contained computer viruses. The virus attachments, however, were caught by the UTSA anti-virus software and replaced with a text message.

A more urgent problem with some of the spoof e-mail messages is that they ask you to click on a link to a Web site to "confirm" your account. Clicking on this link will take you to a Web site that may automatically download malicious software onto your PC.


How to spot a 'spoof' e-mail message

  • Appears to be sent from an address other than Network Services (for example,,, or
  • Contains obviously misspelled words or poor grammar
  • Asks you to provide personally identifiable information such as user ID or password (Note: UTSA network technicians will never ask you to provide your password over the phone or via e-mail.)
  • Asks you to click on a link or attachment to provide information


If you receive a suspicious e-mail message, delete it or contact the OIT Help Desk at (210) 458-5538.

For more information, contact Charlotte Colbert, UTSA director of technology support services at (210) 458-5886.

--Alex Morones

University Communications
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