PREP students
PREP students
PREP students at CPS Energy presentation

UTSA PREP students learn about electrical safety from CPS Energy

(July 14, 2005)--The UTSA Prefreshman Engineering Program (PREP) hosted a safety presentation by CPS Energy staff members Thursday at the Sombrilla Plaza on the 1604 Campus.

The CPS Energy representatives used a generator that produces 9,000 volts to illustrate the danger of electrical power lines. The demonstration using a miniature power pole and a portion of a chain-link fence showed how electricity from a power line can burn through a tree branch and a fence.

The students were shown safety equipment used by CPS Energy and were warned to leave the handling of power lines to professionals.

PREP is an eight-week summer program for middle and high school students which stresses the development of abstract reasoning and problem-solving skills through a series of hands-on math, physics, computer science, logic, technical writing and engineering courses. PREP officials estimate they will serve 1,400 students in 2005.

Program sessions this summer are at eight partner colleges and university campuses throughout San Antonio.

For more information, contact Blanca Juarez at (210) 458-2064.



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