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President's committee launches UTSA's State Employee Charitable Campaign

By Jennifer Storm
Assistant Director for External Affairs

(Aug. 31, 2005)--The President's State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) Advisory Committee is setting a pace to launch the 2005 campaign running Sept. 1-23 at UTSA.

Chaired by Albert Carrisalez, UTSA assistant to the president and director for external affairs, the committee includes 25 faculty and staff members from all levels across the UTSA Tri-Campus community.

"I am proud to be part of this group of volunteers serving on this year's President's SECC Advisory Committee," said Carrisalez. "They have boundless energy, enthusiasm and compassion that will help make a difference in our community and for UTSA families. We have a diverse, fun team who enjoy volunteering their time encouraging their UTSA colleagues to give back."

Committee members were first assembled in July to determine the best strategies for reaching employees and establishing the highest possible participation in the campaign.

The committee selected by President Ricardo Romo is charged with creating and implementing strategies to build awareness in the UTSA community and engaging employees in the campaign by representing the president at various faculty and staff meetings.

Additionally, they will work with the numerous SECC-affiliated charities to coordinate employee visits to the agencies and agency visits to UTSA departments. The committee also will track UTSA departmental and overall participation in comparison to previous years and to other San Antonio colleges and universities.

The SECC advisory committee is supported by 150 UTSA Area Champions -- the front-liners who will distribute and collect employee pledges. UTSA's SECC also is supported by Gary Wilson, United Way of Bexar County vice president, and Mary Leslie, a United Way executive on loan to UTSA.

The Texas Legislature created SECC, allowing state employees to enjoy the benefit of giving to charities. One benefit is the satisfaction felt after giving to an organization that helps so many. In many cases, people who never expected to need a helping hand realize direct benefits from the agencies.

UTSA employees who have benefited from an SECC-affiliated agency or charity are encouraged to share their family stories with the UTSA community. If you would like your story shared in UTSA Today, contact Albert Carrisalez at (210) 458-5138.

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