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Hurricane-displaced students can apply to UTSA

(Sept. 3, 2005)--The University of Texas at San Antonio is admitting students eligible for UTSA admission who are unable to attend colleges and universities closed because of Hurricane Katrina. Admission decisions are being made on a case-by-case basis.

Faculty and admissions, academic advising, housing, financial aid, registration and other UTSA offices are working together to ensure a smooth transition for students from our fellow college and university communities.

Texas has put in place a reciprocal tuition agreement with our neighboring states impacted by Hurricane Katrina, allowing eligible students to receive in-state tuition.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students interested in exploring this option should contact Zenia Trevino, Office of Admissions, at (210) 458-4547, or e-mail George Norton, assistant vice president for admissions, at

Graduate students

Graduate students should contact Veronica Ramirez at (210) 458-4723 or e-mail


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