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UTSA SECC 100-percent participation areas

  • Office of International Programs -- Area Champion: Norma Suarez

  • Office of Publications and Web and Multimedia Services -- Area Champion: Joseph McBride

  • Office of the Vice President for University Advancement -- Area Champion: Stefanie Barlow

  • Core Mathematics Program -- Area Champion: John Rayko

  • Office of the Dean, College of Liberal and Fine Arts -- Area Champion: Dan Gelo

  • Testing Services -- Area Champion: Joleen Reynolds

  • Department of Biology -- Area Champion: Kelly Jo Stephens

  • Student Health Services -- Area Champion: Delia Aguinaga

  • College of Business Office of the Dean -- Area Champion: John Jennings

  • University Center -- Area Champion: Betty Clutts

  • Office of K-16 Initiatives -- Area Champion: Ricardo Gonzalez

  • Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Compliance and Institutional Research -- Area Champion: Rosalinda Stead

  • Office of Admissions, 1604 Campus -- Area Champion: Chasity Mata

  • Office of Purchasing -- Area Champion: Juan Macias

  • Office of University Communications -- Area Champion: David Gabler

  • Office of Facilities Planning and Development -- Area Champion: Carlita Contreras-Melendez

  • Office of Student Life -- Area Champion: Maria Smeltzer

  • Honors College -- Area Champion: Judi Edelman

  • Office of Human Resources -- Area Champion: Claudia White

  • Student Computing Services -- Area Champion: Jerry Smith

  • Office of Business Operations, Downtown Campus -- Area Champion: Powell Trotti

  • Office of Mail Services -- Area Champion: Ruth Carrillo

  • Office of the Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs -- Area Champion: Rachel Pullen

  • Office of Human Resources -- Area Champion: Ronald Golenski

  • Office of Instructional Support for Science and Mathematics Education -- Area Champion: Kathleen Mittag

  • Regional Small Business Development Center -- Area Champion: Frances Riojas

  • Minority Business Development Center -- Area Champion: Irene Mireles

  • Center for Economic Development -- Area Champion: Irene Mireles

  • Human Capital Program -- Area Champion: Irene Mireles

  • Small Business Development Center National Information Clearinghouse (SBDCNET) -- Area Champion: Irene Mireles

  • International Trade Center -- Area Champion: Clara Chavez

  • Department of Social Work -- Area Champion: Dennis Haynes

  • Office of Undergraduate Studies Support and Technology -- Area Champion: Linda Chalmers

  • Office of Legal Affairs and Institutional Diversity -- Area Champion: Nina Sosa

  • College of Public Policy Academic Advising Center -- Area Champion: Sheri Amos

  • College of Engineering Academic Advising Center -- Area Champion: Sally Bench

  • Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies -- Area Champion: Christina Montoya

  • Office of the Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs -- Area Champion: Candy Schueter

  • Office of Central Receiving -- Area Champion: Ben Moran

  • Department of Mathematical Sciences -- Area Champion: Kathleen Cage Mittag

  • Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs -- Area Champion: Sue McManus

  • Center for Policy Studies -- Area Champion: Jerrell Coggburn

  • Office of Organizational Development -- Area Champion: Edna Dominguez

  • Institute for Bioengineering and Translational Research -- Area Champion: Margaret Boullosa

  • Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs -- Area Champion: BJ Gola

  • Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost -- Area Champion: Terri Wilson

  • College of Sciences Academic Advising Center -- Area Champion: Ricardo Blanco

  • Special Events Center -- Area Champion: Pat Graham

  • College of Sciences Academic Advising Center -- Area Champion: Ricardo Blanco

  • Office of Housing and Residence Life -- Area Champion: John White

  • Office of the Assistant Vice President for Student Services -- Area Champion: Shirley Pipes

  • Office of the Vice Provost, Downtown Campus -- Area Champion: Gina Mendez

  • Office of Alumni Programs -- Area Champion: Jane Findling Burton

  • Office of the President -- Area Champion: Patricia Cardenas


By Tim Brownlee
Assistant Director of Public Affairs

(Sept. 9, 2005)--"You're going to help us be pacesetters," UTSA President Ricardo Romo told UTSA faculty and staff members at the recent State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) Champions breakfast.

The Champions came from across the UTSA Tri-Campus community to build excitement about the annual campaign administered by United Way. Nationally, United Way bestows the "pacesetter" title to distinguish corporate and institutional supporters who lead in its annual fund-raising.

UTSA has pacesetters in the 2005 SECC. The list below the headline highlights UTSA offices that have 100-percent participation in annual giving to SECC charities and helping agencies.

Your office can be added to the list, too. For more information, contact Jennifer Storm at (210) 458-4009.

To donate, complete and return your enrollment form to your department's SECC Champion or donate online.



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