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Congratulations! UTSA sets pace with 55-percent participation in charitable campaign

By Albert Carrisalez
Assistant to the President, Director of External Affairs and Chair, UTSA SECC 2005

(Oct. 5, 2005)--Congratulations, UTSA! You did it -- you made it happen. You more than doubled the goal set by United Way for UTSA in the State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC)!

In one month, UTSA employees helped raise $209,484 for San Antonians in need. This reflects a 55-percent employee participation level -- a significant jump from previous years and the highest percent participation in UTSA's history.

This victory not only tells San Antonio that UTSA cares, but that UTSA sets the pace for our community to step up and do their part.

Your investment will help many, whether it is for our 3,500 friends from New Orleans living in four shelters in San Antonio because of the hurricane evacuation, or the many other friends, neighbors, family members or co-workers.

Last year, 507 UTSA family members benefited from services provided by agencies supported through SECC in San Antonio. Some of those charities include, but are not limited to: Christus Santa Rosa Health Center for Children and Families, Goodwill Industries, Humane Society, Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation, South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, Cancer Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and Respite Care.

You read many testimonials on UTSA Today from your fellow employees who thank you for supporting SECC. Employees like Rachel Pullen and her 25-year- old son, Jeremiah, and 11-year-old granddaughter, Kaylee, who both have diabetes.

You met Grace Hernandez's granddaughter, Liz, who was born with cerebral palsy and is able to enjoy and experience many activities with kids her age with the help of a local charity called CampCamp, which is funded by SECC.

You also heard from other UTSA employees who volunteered their stories about how your investment in SECC has helped them each day they come to work. Thank you for helping your fellow employees.

UTSA's SECC wouldn't have succeeded without the help of the following people.

Thank you…

  • To the UTSA employees that continued giving to SECC and employees who gave for the first time this year.
  • To the 153 UTSA SECC Area Champions for championing this cause for their respective areas and for distributing and collecting SECC packets.
  • To the 56 UTSA areas, offices, divisions and departments that succeeded in 100-percent SECC participation.
  • To the 160-plus university leaders including deans, department chairs, vice presidents, executive directors and directors who encouraged employees to tour agencies and opened faculty and staff meetings to SECC presentations.
  • To the many individuals who organized SECC office projects and gatherings and shared creative ideas to encourage co-workers to give.
  • To the faculty, staff and students who volunteered their time, energy and expertise at various local shelters for the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.
  • To the Office of University Communications for getting the word out about SECC throughout September.
  • To the 25 members of the President's SECC Advisory Committee for marketing the campaign, organizing SECC events, securing incentives and making the entire campaign fun.
  • To the employees of United Way for helping coordinate a successful UTSA SECC campaign.
  • To President Ricardo Romo for always being there at every SECC event and for his support throughout the campaign.
  • To the staff in the Office of External Affairs for investing countless hours on weeknights and weekends, ensuring that all ran smoothly.

Thank you, UTSA, for opening your doors, your hearts and saying "I care!" This campaign is successful because of you.

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