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UTSA supervisors complete six-week program to hone management skills

By Tim Brownlee
Assistant Director of Public Affairs

(Nov. 5, 2005)--Twenty-five UTSA staff members were the most recent group to complete the "Introduction to Management, Supervisory Series" course offered through the Office of Training and Development.

The supervisors completed a six-week program covering the basic skills all supervisors need to be successful. The course is offered each spring and fall semester.

Gary Grimes, UTSA training coordinator, is pictured in a gray suit, kneeling on one knee.

For more information about training and development classes, contact Grimes at (210) 458-4883 or visit the Training and Development Web site.

The supervisors who completed the training course are:

Seth Asbury
Richard Baldez
Kathleen Ceresoli
Darcy Del Bosque
Betty Doerr
Clifton Fletcher
Belia Garcia
Ernest Gil
Rebecca Luther
Patricia Morehead
Denni McCarter
Erika Pena
Shashi Pinheiro
Ramon Rios
Michele Rench
Lori Reyes
Diana Rodriguez
Ruby Rodriguez
Lloyd Swartz
Billy Simmons
Alicia Valenzuela
Maria Villarreal
Mana Wajarakorn
Manuel Zuniga
Anita Zamora

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